2021 Disney Youth Discounted Tickets

2021 BMES Annual Meeting

Disney Youth Programs is excited to welcome the Biomedical Engineering Society to Walt Disney World this fall during your annual meeting. You can find more information on package pricing here. Be sure to place your ticket orders at least 60 days prior to your arrival date, if at all possible, to allow for ticket order processing, shipping, and then the final daily park reservation process.

For universities that have 10 or more students traveling together and plan to purchase a group ticket order for their university, specially priced tickets are available.

In order to place a student group ticket orders the group leader will need to complete the following steps:

1. Submit the required group information a month before you plan to order tickets to Disney.Youth.Programs.Sales@disney.com (so Disney Youth Programs can create your electronic waiver)

  • School / Youth Organization Name:
  • Total Estimated group size:
  • Total number of students:
  • Departure Date:
  • Arrival Date:
  • Purpose of Trip: Biomedical Engineering Society Conference
  • School / Youth Organization Leader’s Name:
  • School / Youth Organization Mailing Address:

2. Send out the Disney group electronic waiver that was provided to you to all people traveling with your group
3. Once Disney has collected the waivers, Disney will send you the Youth Ticket Store link. Please note, ticket orders will not be 4. processed without the corresponding waivers. (If you order 20 tickets Disney must have 20 signed waivers on file).
When your ticket order arrives approximately 2 weeks from when you placed your order, you may begin making park reservations.

Important Updates:

As you may know, we have additional health and safety processes in place here at Walt Disney World. This includes signed waivers for everyone purchasing a ticket. Please see the information and links below for your reference to help you plan for these updates.

WAIVERS: If you are able to Travel to Walt Disney World starting June 1, 2021, or later, please let us know as soon as possible so we can send you your electronic waiver form. Waivers must be collected PRIOR to ordering your admission tickets.

  • “What’s New and Important in 2021” – This will walk you through the process of ordering tickets once you receive the links. As a note, the Waiver and Safety Requirements Acknowledgement Form will be sent via an online link that can be shared for your attendees to e-sign (instead of via email as stated on the form). For those 18+, they will sign the adult waiver. For those under 18, a parent/guardian must sign for them on the minor waiver. Your group needs to have at least one Safety Representative.
  • “COVID-19 Requirements for Youth Group Guests” – This is a list of updated policies and suggestions related to COVID-19 safety.
  • “How to Book Park Reservations for Youth Groups and Their Guests” – This will cover the new Park Pass Reservation System. A Park Reservation will be required for every day you visit the Theme Parks. Attached you will find additional information regarding this process. Purchase of a Disney Theme Park ticket is not a guarantee of admission.

Park Reservations Required: View the Theme Park Reservation Availability Calendar to check park availability for the dates you are wishing to visit the parks

For clubs that have fewer than 10 youth or individual families:
Disney Youth Program tickets are only available for ticket purchases of 10 or more youth. Disney Youth Programs suggest that you combine with another club and be part of their group order or you may purchase directly from Walt Disney World: Walt Disney World Theme Tickets