Student Chapter Playbook

The Student Chapter Playbook is a compendium of successful chapter activities, workshops, events, and fundraisers, taken from the annual Student Chapter Development Reports. These development reports are open to any compliant BMES student chapter to submit and are evaluated to award BMES eight outstanding student chapter awards.

This Playbook was developed to help our chapters, new and old, make better use of their time by minimizing the brainstorming and planning stage and maximizing chapter benefits by bringing great ideas to your door. Inside you'll find programs covering all the main areas chapters focus on, including;

Fundraising Activities and Programs

Industry Activities and Programs

Mentorship Activities and Programs

Inter-Chapter Activities and Programs

Community Outreach Activities and Programs

Social Activities and Programs, marked Other


This Playbook is intended to be a living document and as such, will be updated annually after the submission of the May CDR's (Chapter Development Reports). All CDR's are evaluated for new and impressive programs, and those activities are added to the Playbook.