Student Chapter Information

Student Chapter Overview

BMES students are the core of our membership, and we want to help you succeed! Each link below goes to a student chapter-specific webpage with supporting information to help you navigate all aspects of being a compliant BMES Student Chapter.

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Role of Student Chapters

The Biomedical Engineering Society's student chapters are the foundation for our society, uniting and promoting the future of the biomedical engineering profession. For rising biomedical engineers, these chapters provide opportunities to establish leadership skills, boost your resume, network, publish, and participate in a wide range of career-enhancing activities.

Student Chapters Objectives
  • Introduce students to the profession of biomedical engineering and how it relates to other engineering disciplines.
  • Educating students about the role and impact BMES can have on their professional careers.
  • Prepare students as they advance into the biomedical engineering profession.
  • Expand student knowledge of specific tools and techniques used in biomedical engineering and other related fields.
  • Develop leadership abilities and professional qualities among the student members.
  • Provide an environment for social interaction and exchange of ideas at all levels of education, including undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty.
Student Chapter Benefits
  • Access to promote events and feature stories in the weekly newsletter, BMES Briefs
  • Access to the Student Chapter Playbook
  • Invitation to attend Ed Talks, webinars, and virtual lectures with some of the industry’s top professionals
  • Eligibility to hold a chapter Ed Talk.
  • Ability to compete for an Annual Chapter Award
  • Access to the Chapter Development Report (CDR) assistance manual
How to Establish or Renew a Student Chapter

Undergraduate/Graduate Student Chapter Compliance

Student Chapters must meet and maintain, year-round, the following minimum requirements:

  • Ten (10) BMES Student Members
  • One (1) BMES Professional Member as their Faculty Advisor

 Student Chapters in this category should be made up of either undergraduate or graduate students at a single university, though some discretion will be made to sister universities (i.e., any two university BME departments who work closely together).

Dual University Chapter Compliance

Any two universities forming a single Student Chapter must meet and maintain, year-round, the following minimum requirements:

  • Fifteen (15) BMES Student Members
  • Two (2) BMES Professional Members as their Faculty Advisors

New University Chapter Applications

 To apply for your chapter's membership, please follow this link BMES University Student Chapter Application.


High School Student Chapter Compliance

A special subsect of Student Chapters is available for High School Students. Our goal is to increase awareness and exposure to the field from an early age by providing resources to network with BMES professionals and colleges focusing on BME.

High School Student Chapters need to meet and maintain, year-round, the following minimum requirements:

  • Five (5) BMES Student Members
  • One (1) Faculty Advisor — being an active BMES member, while encouraged, is not required

New High School Chapter Applications

 To apply for your chapter's membership, please follow this link BMES High School Chapter Application.

For questions, please contact