BMES Diversity Program

BMES seeks to promote the appointment of a diverse staff, leadership, and board of directors that reflects the diversity of our society by:
  • Educating the membership and staff on the value of diversity that provides practical skills in building intercultural competency and gender equality, thereby strengthening our ability to relate meaningfully across differences of gender identity, sex, race, and ethnicity.
  • Continually seeking personal, organizational, and social transformation, with sensitivity of those marginalized by society's past and present patterns of discrimination.
  • Confronting and dismantling discriminatory behavior wherever it may be manifest-whether individually or organizationally.
  • Intentionally seeking partners, participants, and contributors to our programs, events, and publications that mirror the diversity of our society with special efforts to welcome those who are underrepresented.

BMES URM (Under-Represented Minorities) Program

Inclusion of minorities in the Biomedical Engineering Society structure is extremely important to the success of the profession.  Inclusion is consistent with BMES's values and business objectives, the goal is to create a Society in which individuals are involved, supported, respected and connected.
The purpose of the BMES URM Program is to utilize resources to develop solutions and create new paradigms to remove the feeling of isolation that most minority students, postdoctoral fellows, junior faculties and professional biomedical engineers experience.
Our Goal is to:
  • Hold educational workshops at BMES Annual Meetings
  • Collaborate among BMES Committees, other societies, and other institutions URM Programs
  • Create a supportive network where everyone contributes their skills, experience and talents to benefit BMES.