2025 CMBE Rising Stars Award

Rising Stars Award Applications Now Open

Award Description

The BMES Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Special Interest Group brings together researchers with diverse scientific and clinical interests with a common goal of understanding and engineering molecules, cells, their interactions, and microenvironments in the pursuit of controlling biological processes and improving the practice of medicine. 
To maintain its multidisciplinary character and central research focus, the CMBE SIG is committed to supporting new investigators within the field. Towards this goal, the “Rising Star” award has been given to a select group of exceptional junior principal investigators each year. Awardees provide a podium presentation in a special session at the annual conference. 


A certificate and a short talk at the 2025 Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Awards Symposia. A small honorarium may be established if funds can be secured. Additional details will be shared in December 2024.


Applicants must have had an independent lab for no more than 6 years at the time of application. Abstracts should present work from the applicant's independent lab. Applicants that support and promote a vibrant, diverse, equitable and inclusive research community are especially encouraged to apply.

Award Application Requirements

The deadline to submit an application is September 12th, 2024. The 2025 CMBE Awards will be announced early November 2024. Additional details will be shared in November 2024.

Submissions should contain the title, author names, author affiliations, and an abstract that is less than one page in length. The inclusion of a figure demonstrating key results in the abstract is encouraged. Additionally, authors should supply a NIH or NSF style biosketch. This information should be submitted as a single pdf file, with the abstract first. Files should be named with the following format (LastName_FirstName_RisingStars.pdf).  The template of the abstract can be found here.

Scoring Criteria

The scoring criteria include the abstract’s significance, innovation, technical content, and clarity.  Additionally, the investigator and his/her contribution to diversity, inclusion, and equity will also be considered. The scoring rubric can be found here.

Submit Application

Application Deadline: September 12, 2024