Special Interest Groups

Medical Devices

The BMES Medical Devices Special Interest Group (SIG) was established as part of a new partnership between BMES, Industry and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The SIG will foster collaboration between industry, FDA, academic researchers, practicing engineers, clinicians, regulatory professionals, and students interested in exploring the art of designing, testing, and using medical devices to improve the lives of patients around the world.

Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

BMES member scientists, clinicians and engineerings interested in exploring the mechanisms by which physical regulation influences life.  All BMES members are welcome to join the CMBE SIG.  For more information, or to join CMBE, click on the My Committee's tab on your profile (viewable once logged in). Learn more about the annual BMES CMBE Conference.

Advanced Biomanufacturing

The objective of ABioM-SIG is to bring academia and industry leaders together to promote the development of advanced biomanufacturing, foster collaborations among investigators in the field, and create a new mode of educating and training the next generation leaders and workforce in advanced biomanufacturing.


The Biomedical Engineering Society has established a process for members of the Society who have an interest in forming Special Interest Groups (SIGs). 

The Purpose of SIGs

  • To provide networking opportunities for the exchange of information and ideas in a specific research area.
  • To provide members with a forum to network and discuss issues relevant to this research area.
  • To provide the Society with a direct avenue to members with specific expertise
  • To provide members with an avenue for professional development within a specific research area.

If you're interested in joining one of these Special Interest Groups, please send an email to membership@bmes.org.

Forming a New Section

Members wanting to form a Special Interest Group should email John Falcioni at falcionij@bmes.org.
Please include the following:

1. Name and Membership level of requestor
2. Objective for the SIG
3. Description of the topic(s) covered by the SIG
4. Proposed activities for the SIG.

Once the application is received, a message will be sent to all BMES members to determine the level of interest in the SIG.  If at least 20 BMES members declare their interest in joining the SIG; the proposal will be sent to the BMES Executive Committee for preliminary approval. The Executive Committee shall also determine whether additional dues will be required to participate in and support the activities of the SIG. Full approval to be granted by the Board of Directors.
Once preliminary approval is granted by the Executive Committee, BMES staff will create a webpage for the SIG thus allowing BMES members to join/actively participate in the SIG.
In order to maintain its status, the SIG’s membership (whether dues paying or not) should never fall below 20 BMES members. The SIG must also submit a report of its activities to the Board of Directors annually.