Student Chapter Committees
and Programs

Chapter Committees

In general, committees exist to put emphasis on various chapter activities.  When appointing committees, the officers should be mindful of expectations and goals.

When organizing Chapter Committees, it is important:

  1. The purpose and objectives of the committee are well defined.
  2. The members of the committee understand their respective responsibilities.
  3. The committee has clearly defined goals.
Possible Chapter Committees:
Membership Committee

The Membership Committee serves to promote the growth of the chapter through membership recruitment throughout the student body. 

Program Committee

The purpose of the Program Committee is to coordinate, promote, and supervise all the program activities of the chapter. 

Mentor Program Committee

The purpose of the Mentor Program Committee is to help younger/newer students identify mentors from the senior level/upper class students.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

This purpose of the C&B Committee is to review and make recommendations for changes to the Student Chapter’s C&B.  

Special Committees

Other committees may be established as required.  Their functions will be delegated by the Chapter President.

Chapter Programs

Student chapter programs can be divided into three types: technical, professional, and social. 

  • Technical programs focus on biomedical engineering technology—its advances and development.
  • Professional programs provide students with information on interviewing and resumes, as well as the profession’s expectations beyond the technical information learned in school.
  • Social programs give student members an opportunity to interact outside the structured learning environment.

Providing a balanced approach to chapter programs should benefit the student, the chapter, BMES, and the educational institution.  They also provide a basis for an award system to recognize outstanding student chapters.