2022 - 2023 Student Design Competition Winners

The Biomedical Engineering Society would like to congratulate the four winning teams from the 2023 Medtronic BMES Design Competition held in Seattle during the 2023 BMES Annual Meeting! Twelve teams traveled to Seattle as finalists and competed for awards among four categories: mechanical/electrical, electrical/computer science, chemical/biological, and AI/ML related to treatment of Cardiac, Respiratory, or Stroke diseases. Below are photos of the winning teams receiving their awards, with Walt Baxter and Chloe Chung representing Medtronic (left and right, respectively).


Design: Gynoease Medical Silicone Speculum

Team: Akanksha Subbarao, Tanaya Apte, Angela Morcos, Jessica Singh, Varsha Garimella, Samiha Nasrin, Vandana Kumar, Vineeth Sendilraj, Crystal Thapa

School(s): New York University and various high schools

Electrical/Computer Science

Design: Airalux: The First Smart Incentive Spirometer

Team: Josh Freedman and Yi-An Hsieh

School: University of Pennsylvania


Design: Mini-Cube

Team: Ben Monroe, Lucas Sant'Anna, Eliana Maya Davis, Olivia S Reiff, Matthew Glucksberg,

School: Northwestern University

AI/ML - Cardiac, Respiratory, Stroke Diseases

Design: BAMBI: A Biointelligent Apnea Monitor for Preterm Infants

Team: Pallavi Jonnalagadda, Ria Dawar, Jessica Ling, Grace Qian

School: University of Pennsylvania