Medical Devices

The BMES Medical Devices Special Interest Group promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing between partners from academia, government, industry, and the clinic. Members work to produce safe and effective medical device technologies serving patients around the world.

Goals of Medical Devices SIG:

  • Build a strong community of students and professionals interested in creating safe and effective medical devices.
  • Provide opportunities for rich, meaningful collaborations between partners working in academia, government, industry, and the clinic.
  • Serve as a mechanism for best practice sharing and professional development in the areas of design, manufacturing, quality, and regulatory.
  • Educate K-16 students about STEM pathways to a career creating medical devices for tomorrow’s patient.

Careers in Medical Device Field

  • The world of Medical Devices is just as diverse as the field of Biomedical Engineering, from orthopedic implants to diagnostic kits, from infusion pumps to angiographic stents, from defibrillators to hospital beds.
  • Biomedical Engineers who work in the area of medical devices use their skills and training to invent, design, test, and manufacture medical devices.  
  • Biomedical Engineers combine their creativity, engineering skills, and passion for medicine to advance healthcare for both patients and their providers. 
  • Biomedical Engineers use the tools of science and mathematics to solve important healthcare challenges. They typically pursue a four-year engineering degree at a University.
  • If you are interested in learning more about working in the Biomedical Engineering field, the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering has a great resource at Navigate the Circuit.

Additional Resources and Information

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