Webinar and Ed Talks


Our aim is to provide Biomedical Engineers with a virtual learning library, as well as ongoing professional and academic development. So it is our pleasure to provide BMEs the opportunity to give back by sharing their experiences through a virtual

To get started, please complete the webinar application found at this Webinar Application

We ask that you submit your application with as much detail as possible, and if your abstract is selected, you will receive an email from BMES to discuss your webinar, take part in a brief training, and schedule your presentation date and time.

Note: BMES will provide webinar technology as well as advertising tools.

Ed Talks

BMES is working on a student talk program designed similar to "Ted Talks". Ed talks will be pre-recorded 10 min or less presentations that will be provided by you and archived for display here.

More detail on this opportunity will be available in the spring of 2023.