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To coordinate a national, BME community response to the longstanding racism in our nation and its impact on 1) the composition and culture of our field and 2) healthcare inequality.  

Steering Committee:
Norma Alcantar Treena Arinzeh Evangelia Bellas Kris Billiar

Norma Alcantar
AIMBE, Committee for
Underrepresented Minorities


Treena Arinzeh
BMES, Annual Meeting Chair

Evangelia Bellas
BMES, DEI Committee Chair

Kris Billiar
BMES, Annual Meeting Chair

Naomi Chesler Vicki Colvin Arthur Edge

Naomi Chesler
AIMBE, Diversity and Inclusion
Committee Chair

Vicki Colvin
CoC, Current President

Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez
SFB, Diversity Committee Chair

Arthur Edge
NSBE, Healthcare Innovation
Special Interest Group Director

Teresa Murry Brenda Ogle Cynthia Evan Scott

Teresa Murry
CoD, Steering Committee Chair

Brenda Ogle
BOLD Chairperson

Cynthia Reinhart-King
BMES, President Elect

Evan Scott
CoD, Past Steering Committee Chair

Anita Singh John White Joyce Wong Kaiming Ye

Anita Singh  
BMES, Annual Meeting Chair

John White
BMES, Current President

Joyce Wong
AIMBE, Current President

Kaiming Ye
CoC, Past President

News and Current Events:

Rising BME Regional Conference

June 22-24, 2022 • Washington University in St. Louis

The 2022 Rising BME Scholars Regional Career Conference is part of a collaborative effort to recruit, strengthen and diversify the next generation of academic researchers in BME. This event will give participants the opportunity to learn from faculty and from each other about pathways to professional success and reward in academic careers.

Learn More

Accessibility at BMES 2022 Annual Meeting

BMES is working to make the Annual Meeting even more accessible for attendees! We are working to contract with a sign language interpreter as well as provide closed captioning during the event.

Mentorship Program Opportunity

Create a DEI mentorship program for department chairs and faculty via a collaboration between the BMES Diversity Committee, the AIMBE Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, and the AIMBE Committee for Underrepresented Minorities.

Anti-racism: A roadmap to policy transformation in BME 2021 Summit on Anti-Racism in BME

BMES Responds to Racism and Equal Justice

Council of BME Diversity

Collaborate with the Council of BME Chairs to regularly convene leaders of departmental diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) groups (i.e., the Council of BME Diversity) in an effort to effectively spread and thereby amplify successful activities.

Virtual Seminars and Conference Session

Convene dedicated conference sessions and virtual seminars led by renowned subject matter experts to promote and foster discussions focused on bringing to light the conscious and subconscious biases, which disproportionately affect the Black community with a long-term effort to build findings into policy-driven action


BOLD Bylaws 2021


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