Council of Chairs

This group consists of all department chairs across the United States.  Its purpose is to provide a vehicle for the chairs to share ideas and concerns with each other and with BMES. BMES will share information with the group and seek advice and counsel from the group. 

CoC Governance

CoC Executive Committee

  • Juergen Hahn
    Juergen Hahn
    PhD Professor and Department Head
  • John P. Fisher
    John P. Fisher
    PhD Professor & Department Chair
  • Bryan J Pfister
    Bryan J Pfister
    PhD Professor and Department Chair
  • Kristen L Billiar
    Kristen L Billiar
    PhD Dept. Head & Professor; BMES, Annual Meeting Chair
  • Lori A. Setton
    Lori A. Setton
    Chair & Professor
    Past Chair

Long-Range Planning Committee

  • Adam J. Engler
    Adam J. Engler
    Professor & Chair
    Serving 2024-2025
  • Alyssa Panitch
    Alyssa Panitch
    PhD Wallace H. Coulter Chair
    Serving 2024
  • Shayn M Peirce
    Shayn M Peirce
    PhD Professor
    Serving 2024-2025
  • Anand Ramamurthi
    Peter C Rossin Endowed Professor and Chair
    Serving 2023-2024