Working together to advance human health and well-being - that's our mission. And we are calling on BMES members to join a committee to share your experience and expertise to help grow the field - all while developing skills that will benefit you both personally and professionally.


  • Must be a current member in good standing at the time of application.
  • Must maintain your membership status during your term, if appointed to a committee (students are encouraged to apply, but are non-voting members).
  • Must be willing to serve a 3-year term.
  • Must be an active, collaborative participant in committee meetings (frequency varies by group).
For information about committee charges and to review and apply for committees accepting applications, please visit BMES Committees.
For questions, contact
BMES Committees
Accreditation Activities Committee - Charge: Oversee and manage the ABET relationship and the accreditation process and recruit volunteers to conduct ABET reviews. Coordinate, as needed, with the Education Committee to ensure two-way communication about educational best practices, policies, and directions. Coordinate, as needed, with efforts leading to PE Licensure.
Affiliations Committee - Charge: Identify appropriate outside groups with whom BMES may partner to ensure the promotion of BMES activities.

Awards Committee - Charge: Select and secure awardees for the major BMES Awards, including Rita Schaffer Young Investigator Award, the BMES Diversity Award, the Pritzker Award, and the Distinguished Service Award as well as BMES Undergraduate and Graduate Design Awards, and all other awards that may be initiated by the Society.

Diversity Committee - Charge: To develop programming to ensure participation in BMES events from a diverse community of biomedical engineers.

Education Committee - Charge: Conduct needs assessment(s) of the BMES members to determine educational needs to provide high-quality educational opportunities to members to support their research and career development. Coordinate, as needed, with the Accreditation Committee to ensure two-way communication about educational best practices, policies, and directions. Coordinate, as needed, with efforts leading to PE Licensure.

Ethics Subcommittee (Subcommittee of Education Committee) - Charge: Educate, implement, model and monitor a code of ethical conduct for the BME community.

Fellows Committee - Charge: To annually recommend a slate of BMES Member-level candidates to be promoted to Fellow-level membership.

Finance Committee - Charge: Manage all BMES investments and oversee the implementation of recommendations from auditors to ensure BMES’ financial health.
Industry and Clinical Affairs Committee - Charge: To foster relationships between BMES and industry that span a range of educational, research, engagement and outreach activities of common interest.

International Affairs Subcommittee (Subcommittee of Membership Committee) - Charge: To identify opportunities to expand the BMES membership and presence internationally.

Long Range Planning Committee - Charge: Develop a Strategic Plan and monitor its progress.
Membership Committee - Charge: Oversee membership recruitment and retention campaigns designed to promote industry, academic and clinical membership growth.

National Meetings Committee - Charge: Oversee the planning and development of the Society’s annual meeting and maintain the high quality of scientific presentations on BME research.

Nominating Committee - Charge: Prepare a slate of candidates, from the general BMES membership, with the skills necessary to provide leadership for the Society.

Public Affairs Committee - Charge: Identify all commercial and government developments pertaining to the realm of biomedical engineering including pending legislation, policies, initiatives and outcomes and work with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to review such information and recommend appropriate communication directives and policies to the President and Board of Directors.

Student Affairs Subcommittee (Subcommittee of Membership Committee) - Charge: To ensure pathways for student involvement in the Society and to support and grow the Society’s Student Chapter network. The Student Affairs Committee is also charged with selecting awardees for Student Travel Grants and BMES Student Chapter Awards.