Accepting BMES Board Nominations

BMES News,

Formal Call for BMES Board Nominations

Who will you nominate for the Board?

We are preparing for our 2022 BMES Board elections, and a critical step in this process is the nomination of colleagues committed to growing BMES as the lead society in biomedical engineering. Please take a moment to think of whom would best represent our interests, and consider nominating yourself as well.

As the nomination form states, we are actively seeking a diverse slate of candidates for one Secretary/ Executive Committee member and four Board of Directors positions. These positions are part of the leadership pathway within BMES. As outlined in our nomination brief, we seek nominees with professional experience in sectors that align with BME, including university, industry, medicine, business, and government. We encourage all interested parties that meet the qualifications to complete the nomination form or nominate a qualified colleague.

Our ultimate goal is to have a broadly representative board, and BMES is committed to having leadership that represents the diversity of our BME community, including age, disabilities, ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation, and geographic location.

Please read the nomination details for the upcoming 2022 election in full for more information.

The submission window closes on:
Wednesday, June 15

Check your email for a member-only link to cast your vote!

*All nominees will be contacted so they can personally confirm their eligibility for a board position. Self-nominations are encouraged, and Nominating Committee members are ineligible.

If you have any questions about this nomination process, please reach out to the co-chairs of the BMES Board Elections Nominating Committee: Donald Gaver and Jane Grande-Allen.