BMES Announces a New Weekly Newsletter

BMES News,

Today, we launch BMES Briefs, a new weekly newsletter that we hope will become a trusted resource. 

In this and upcoming issues, we feature weekly news highlights from biomedical engineering and allied fields. We also include information you need to know about BMES, for example, deadlines you should keep in mind to submit abstracts for the Annual Meeting and our Special Interest Groups’ events, announcements of our Awards program, Fellows, and governance nominations. We will also share notices of other upcoming meetings and of new member-focused initiatives we will be rolling out this year. 

We’ll also spotlight articles from our prestigious journals which, as BMES members, you can access at no cost. 

Importantly, we want to make sure that we spotlight YOU. We’d like you to update us on the work you’re doing, job changes, and other news of general interest. You are on the leading edge of technology, research, and medical advancements, so we want to make sure we spotlight our members. 

Our new organizational strategy focuses on Continuity and Change, meaning that we will continue the good work the organization has been a part of for 56 years, and push toward greater relevance and impact, especially among industry and clinicians – which together form the biomedical engineering ecosystem. All of it focused in support of the BMES Vision and our Mission. 

The best is yet to come! 

John G. Falcioni
Executive Director & CEO

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