BMES News,
This August, BMES will partner with industry to convene BMES Coulter College for a third time at Medtronic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. BMES Coulter College is a training program focused on translation of biomedical innovations that is funded through a grant from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation. 

We are looking for dedicated teams to participate in this exciting program and invite biomedical engineering departments to submit a team application.
BMES Coulter College will take place from August 6-9, 2020. The program will start with a tour of Medtronic and an introductory dinner, followed by two full days of programming, and end with a half day of presentations and awards. Mentors in key design areas will guide student teams through a dynamic and interactive process to help them better understand how innovations can meet clinical needs. Each team will consist of a senior design faculty lead and four undergraduate BME students who will be senior-level students at the start of the Fall 2020 academic year.
BMES Coulter College team applications are due by Friday, March 13, 2020. Each team application must be submitted by a BME student design faculty member currently affiliated with a university who has taught or is interested in teaching senior design. Any school that participated in 2019 is not eligible to apply again in 2020, but are invited to encourage colleagues from other schools to apply.
For more details about BMES Coulter College and to submit a team application, please visit