Annual Meeting,
Annual Meeting
As the 2020 BMES Virtual Meeting approaches, we've heard a few concerns regarding registration pricing and questions about the platform itself. We want to assure you that the BMES Annual Meeting Task Force, Board of Directors, Annual Meeting Co-Chairs, and staff put hours of thought and care into determining not just the registration rates but also the overall experience for all #BMES2020 attendees.
When the news of COVID-19 made it clear that we would not hold an in-person meeting, BMES formed a Task Force to consider the options, the pricing, and most importantly, how to bring you an unforgettable experience.
After meticulous calculations, we realized that lowering pricing any further would critically impact the financial health of BMES as an organization. This year we did eliminate date-sensitive rate escalation and included a special $99 rate for non-presenting students.
We know nothing beats the face-to-face networking of an in-person meeting, but we are building a platform to create a dynamic experience! So why register for the BMES meeting? Because #BMES2020 will offer:
  • Access to all technical, platform, plenary and on-demand sessions with over 900 live and on-demand presentations
  • New sessions on technologies for emerging infectious diseases and how to bridge the gap in health disparities
  • Virtual expo hall to engage 1:1 or in a group setting with universities and companies of your choice
  • An estimated 1200 e-poster presentations - all available 24/7 as well as during the session, with an uploaded presenter video and an interactive chat
  • Online networking events and engagement opportunities to include contests, 1:1 chats, "People Matching" to get to know your colleagues as well as a wellness corner
  • Student-centric activities including resume writing and speed interviewing
  • Opportunities for attendee interaction with presenters and other participants via Q&A submissions, polling, chat, and networking events
  • 30-day on-demand access to scientific content
Unlike the in-person meeting, with #BMES2020 Virtual, you won't have to make decisions on which sessions to miss. You can attend them all!
We hope that you better understand the decision-making process and support us as we transition to a virtual event. We hope to see you at #BMES2020!
Debra Auguste
Co-Chair, 2020 BMES Annual Meeting
Northeastern University
Kent Leach
Co-Chair, 2020 BMES Annual Meeting
University of California, Davis
Tanmay Lele
Co-Chair, 2020 BMES Annual Meeting
Texas A&M University