Student Volunteers


The 2020 BMES Annual Meeting is now 100% virtual! 

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic and our members' concerns about travel, BMES collaborated with our San Diego colleagues in the city, the convention center, and our host hotels to bring the 2020 BMES Annual Meeting to you!

Please "save-the-dates" of October 14-17 for a four-day completely virtual experience with your BME community. We are working hard on the details and look forward to sharing more with you when online registration opens on July 8. 

We know you have questions, and we are working on the answers. Feel free to email us at More meeting details are coming soon!



Students are assigned on a first applied online, first assigned after the Sponsor allotments have been assigned. 
WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ASSIGNMENTS TO ALL WHO APPLY. The past two years we were unable to provide assignments to all who requested so we encourage early sign up as soon as the ON-LINE SIGN-UP SITE OPENS ON JULY 15, 2020.

Volunteers will receive acceptance and details by September 1.
How does this work? - CLICK HERE FOR FLYER
2. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE MEETING. BEING A VOLUNTEER IS SEPARATE FROM MEETING REGISTRATION. YOU WILL NEED A BADGE TO GAIN ACCESS TO SESSIONS AND EVENTS. We encourage you to register by September 2 for Early Bird discounts if you are planning to register for the entire meeting. If you are only attending for one day then you will be able to use the voucher onsite to register to pay at that time.
3. At the end of your work hours, you will be eligible for $125 credit towards your registration fees. Each student is eligible for up to two vouchers which would be $250 credit which is enough to cover a Student Member Full Registration Early Bird.
How will I get my credit?
1. You will receive a voucher that must be signed and authorized at the Student Volunteer Desk to receive your earned credit registration. Once you have completed your assigned duties please return for this important signature. Without this signature, this voucher will not be valid.
2. Valid vouchers must be presented in-person to registration onsite in San Diego during the 2020 BMES Annual Meeting. The voucher does not have a monetary value and may only be redeemed upon authorization if presented in-person to registration onsite in San Diego during the 2020 BMES Annual Meeting.
3. If the volunteer has preregistered and paid, this voucher may be redeemed for a credit that will be issued by December 18, 2020. Please allow up to eight weeks for the credit to be issued after the end of the meeting.
4. To expedite your credit attach your registration confirmation receipt to the voucher.
Please note:
Reimbursement will not exceed whatever amount you pay for your registration. The refund will be issued to whatever card is used for your registration payment (or by check to original payer), and if your registration is comped for one reason or another (e.g. travel award winners), you will not receive a reimbursement of any kind for their volunteer hours.

REGISTRATION - Handing out registration materials to arriving participants who have pre-registered.
ROOM MONITOR - Attend platform sessions and assist chairs as needed. Ensure all participants are wearing badges and take headcounts during the session
BADGE CHECKER - Ensure that each attendee is wearing a name badge and are eligible for a specific event assigned.
POSTER MONITOR - Assist participants with setting up their posters and direct them to poster locations.
TICKET TAKER - Collect tickets from guests at the entrance of the assigned event.
SOCIAL MEDIA CORRESPONDENT - Attend sessions & provide real-time Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat updates. The job entails posts using the #BMES2020 hashtag along with photos and videos. You must have established social media accounts to be a correspondent.

REGISTRATION – Handing out registration materials to arriving participants who have pre-registered.

BMES BOOTH ASSISTANT – Assist BMES Staff at Society booth.