Student Volunteer Program


Student Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in participating in this year’s BMES Annual Meeting Volunteer Program! We have limited volunteer slots this year, and we select volunteers and honor requests on a first-come, first-served.  The earlier you send us your application, the higher the possibility of an assignment.  If accepted into the BMES Volunteer Program, BMES will contact you by August 16.

Please note that the more flexible you are with your available time, the more likely you will receive an assignment. Also, remember that due to CDC health guidelines, this year’s capacity is limited. Therefore, please be sure you can physically attend the Annual Meeting in Orlando before you apply.

  1. You must be a student to volunteer.
  2. Download and fill out the application below and email it to by August 13.
  3. If approved, you will receive a complimentary code to register for the meeting.

The 2021 BMES Annual Meeting Volunteer Program has changed compared to previous years. This year, we may assign up to 20 hours of work in compensation for your waived registration fee. We expect volunteers to be available for all shifts and mandatory training from October 6-October 9, 2021, but we will give exceptions to those presenting accepted research.

  1. Room Monitor
    • Set up the speaker presentation (will be pre-loaded on the computer) 
    • Make sure nothing is missing from the standard room setup (podium w/mic, laptop, projector, and screen) 
    • Check lighting and room temperature (adjust as necessary) 
    • Ensure the podium has water 
    • Monitor microphone sound if any feedback track down/notify the AV tech 
    • Take headcount mid-session 
    • Work the Q&A microphones in the room 
    • Monitor time and visually signal the speaker if they are running behind 
    • Ensure all attendees are wearing a badge (access control) 
    • Distribute and collect evaluations if applicable 
    • Making sure that after the session the hotel is refreshing the room and head table 
  2. Ambassador
    • Provide directions to the sessions/events 
    • Direct attendees to buses for the BASH 
    • Assist BMES staff at BMES Booth (answering questions, providing handouts, etc.) 
    • Collect tickets at ticketed events 
    • Managing the Speaker Ready Room 
    • Any other duties/assignments as needed