Member Spotlight

BMES wants to “turn the spotlight” on members who make an impact in the biomedical engineering field. If you are interested in being highlighted or nominating another individual for a BMES member spotlight, send an email to

Why did you apply to become a BMES Fellow? How has receiving the Grade of Fellow added to your career?
I have been attending BMES since I joined the discipline, and it is very much my home. Being a Fellow is a great honor, and I'm thrilled to be part of a group of incredibly brilliant, phenomenal colleagues."

What one piece of advice would you share with a student entering the BME field?
Embrace new ideas and work together. It takes all of us and our perspectives to be successful.

What does your BMES membership mean to you?
I am so glad to be part of an organization that provides a great forum for everyone from undergraduates to senior faculty to learn and share our knowledge together.