Podium Abstracts

First Name Last Name Institution/Affiliation Abstract Title Track
Ryan Huiszoon University of Maryland, College Park Electrodynamic modeling of bacterial biofilm impedance sensing Ideation
Po-Chih Lee University of Minnesota A Quantitative Study of the Effect of Wedge Deformity on Thoracic Volume by Virtual Scheuermann’s Models Ideation
Ryan Halter Dartmouth College Optimizing an Endoscopic Bioimpedance-Based Surgical Margin Assessment Device Ideation
Mohammad Kia Hospital for Special Surgery  Biomechanical Effects of Femoral Component Axial Rotation in Total Knee Arthroplasty Ideation
Rana Zakerzadeh The University of Texas at Austin Leaflet Geometry and Anisotropy of Bioprosthetic Heart Valves: Do They Matter? Ideation
Junchao Wang University of California, Riverside Computer-assisted Design of Microfluidics Ideation
Socrates Dokos University of New South Wales Optimizing the Cardiac Defibrillation Stimulus Ideation
Kyoko Fujimoto U.S. Food and Drug Administration Local Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in computational models of blood vessel compared to ASTM phantom Ideation
Miriam Rafailovich Stony Brook University Modeling The Role of Surface Interactions in Initiation of Thrombosis Pre-clinical
Bahram  Parvinain FDA Towards Validation of a Physiological Model Intended for Design & Evaluation of Automated Fluid Resuscitation Systems Pre-clinical
Hooman Yadollahi-Farsani Arizona State University A Novel Method in Predicting Aneurysmal Hemodynamics after Endovascular Coiling Pre-clinical
Logan Miller Wake Forest University Evaluation of DBS Implant Interaction with Brain Tissue Through Finite Element Simulation Pre-clinical
Giorgio Bonmassar MGH A Numerical Study on the Feasibility of the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgical Navigation based on Scalp Electric Potential Recordings Pre-clinical
Salma Ayoub The University of Texas at Austin Valve Interstitial Cell Phenotypic State After Surgical Repair: An Integrated Experimental-Computational Approach Pre-clinical
Andrew Drach University of Texas at Austin Towards Accurate Simulations of the Patient-Specific Mitral Valve Annuloplasty Repair Pre-clinical
Marc Horner US Food and Drug Administration Interlaboratory Simulations of Compression-Bending Testing of Spinal Rods Pre-clinical
Jason Szafron Yale University Numerical Optimization of Scaffold Properties for Tissue Engineered Venous Grafts Product Development
Matthew Davis Wake Forest University Development and Full Body Validation of a 5th Percentile Female Finite Element Model Product Development
Henry  Chen California Medical Innovations Institute Stent Mechanobiology: Impact of Endothelial Shear and Intramural Stress Product Development
Dave Hoadley dave.hoadley@mathworks.com Applicability of Model-Based Design Quality Metrics to Medical Device Software  Product Development
Melissa Knothe Tate University of New South Wales Computer-controlled Design and Manufacture of Smart Materials Mimicking the Body's Own Product Development
Devin Kiska Robert Morris University Effects of Pore Size on 3D Printed Cast’s Mechanical Properties Product Development
Mehul Dharia Zimmer Biomet Impact of Modeling Assumptions on Stability Predictions in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Product Development
Michael Oberle IT'IS Foundation Posing, Morphing and Image Registration of Anatomical Models for MRI RF Safety Assessments Clinical Study
William Pruett University of Mississippi Medical School The method of relational correlations for determining subpopulation characteristics Clinical Study
Xin  Li  Purdue University  Breast MRI Safety: Simulation of RF Coils with Breast Phantoms Fused to a Human Model Clinical Study
Brian Baillargeon Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Corp. Simulating Disease States with the Living Heart Human Model Clinical Study
Paolo Di Achille IBM TJ Watson Research Center Automatic Construction of Population-Based Models of Left-Ventricle Mechanics Clinical Study
Esra Neufeld IT'IS Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society Neuro-Functionalized Anatomical Models for Mechanism Investigation, Device Development, and Treatment Personalization Clinical Study
Adam Himes Medtronic Augmenting a Clinical Study with Virtual Patient Models: FDA and Industry Collaboration on a Mock Submission Sponsored by MDIC Clinical Study
Rosamaria Tricarico University of Florida Hemodynamics Inside the MonaLSA Stent Graft  Market Release and Post-Market
Sambit Sahoo Cleveland Clinic Biomechanical Effects of Increasing Graft Overlap in Ventral Hernia Repair – Potential Guidelines from a Computational Study Market Release and Post-Market
Andrew Baumann FDA Comparing Modeled Fretting and Observed Wear in Total Hip Arthroplasty Head-Neck Junctions Market Release and Post-Market

Poster Abstracts

Poster No. First Name Last Name Institution/Affiliation Abstract Title (Click to view) Track
1 Danielle Fau University of New South Wales Using Statistical Interaction Modelling to Predict Cell and Tissue Response to Medical Devices Ideation
2 Terman Frometa-Castillo Oncology Hospital of Santiago de Cuba “Statistical models for evaluations of efficacy and toxicity, and dosage in Chemotherapy” Ideation
3 Michele Grimm Wayne State University Ideas Start with People: Fostering the Next Generation of Ideation Engineers Ideation
4 Omar Hafez UC Davis A Polyhedral Finite Element Approach to Patient-Specific Modeling and Simulation in Biomechanics Ideation
5 Katherine Lin Yale University Doc: A Mobile Training Platform for ECMO and Other Medical Technologies Ideation
6 Alexander  Ringlein Yale University Virtual Reality Pathology Ideation
7 Peyton Tharp Clemson University 3D Printed Brain Model for Preoperative Planning and Practice Ideation
8 Nathan Wilson Open Source Medical Software Corporation SimVascular: An Open-Source Integrated Environment for Anatomic Modeling and Blood Flow Simulation Ideation
9 Christopher Mela University of Akron Integrated Imaging Goggle: Preclinical Studies for Medical Diagnosis and Surgical Navigation Pre-clinical
10 Luca Emili Promeditec A Web-Based Platform for Simulating MRI RF-Induced Heating with Implanted Devices Pre-clinical
11 Ahmet Erdemir Cleveland Clinic Ten “Not So” Simple Rules for Credible Practice of Modeling & Simulation vs Considerations of Medical Device Development Tools Program Pre-clinical
12 Mary Foltz University of Minnesota Fusion and Non-Fusion Spinal Implants: Computational and Experimental Study Pre-clinical
13 Ben Holmes Nanochon Pre-clinical Testing of 3D Printed, Nanostructured Osteochondral Implant for Knee Repair in a Small Animal Model Pre-clinical
14 Jinho Kim Columbia University Minimally Invasive Delivery and Imaging of Therapeutic Stem Cells in the Lung Pre-clinical
15 Melissa Knothe Tate University of New South Wales Prospective Design of Combination Products/Delivery Devices Exploiting Multiphysical Mechanisms for Wound Healing Pre-clinical
16 Danny Levine Zimmer Biomet Fatigue Testing of Femoral Hip Stems – Setup Variability Examined by FEA and DOE Pre-clinical
17 Jaimit Parikh IBM TJ Watson Research Center Evaluating the role of multi-channel blockage as a predictor of drug-induced cardiotoxicity using machine learning algorithms Pre-clinical
18 Veda  Ravishankar University of Maryland- College Park Integration of 3D Printed Microvilli and Sensors into a Microfluidic Gut-on-a-Chip Model Pre-clinical
19 Erin Ritzer Robert Morris University Effect of Fin Length/Shape of Stemless Humeral Component of the Reverse Shoulder Implant Pre-clinical
20 Peter Serano U.S. Food and Drug Administration Variation in RF Heating Characteristics of Insulated vs. Bare Metal Stents Pre-clinical
21 Gurtej Singh Stony Brook Medical Center Tissue-Engineered Vascular Grafts For Use In Vascular And Reconstructive Surgeries Pre-clinical
22 Min Jae Song National Eye Institute Engineered Outer Blood Retina Barrier for Disease Modeling of Age-related Macular Degeneration Pre-clinical
23 George Banis University of Maryland Modeling and Verifying Capacitance Response of Hydrogel Degradation over Enzyme Sensors Product Development
24 Rebecca Butler Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth Design of a Smart-Sensing Dental Drill Product Development
25 Henry Chen California Medical Innovations Institute Biomechanical Comparison between Mono-, Bi-, and Tri-cuspid Valve Architectures Product Development
26 Mayuresh  Kothare Lehigh University Modeling and Feedback Control of a Rapid Pressure Swing Adsorption Medical Oxygen Concentrator Product Development
27 Steven Lathers Arizona State University Additive manufactured FFF 3D printed osseointegrated prosthesis for a transhumeral amputation using Nylon 680 Product Development
28 Jessica Martinez M UCLA Impact of Patient Orientation on Pacemaker Lead Tip Heating During MRI Exams Product Development
29 John Stribley Caelynx Meeting the Needs and Challenges of a Growing Biomedical Device Industry: An Example of How Teams of Mechanical Engineers and Software Designers Can Collaborate to Optimize the Development of Various Biomedical Devices and Equipment Utilizing their CAE Si Product Development
30 Tre Welch UT Southwestern Medical Center Large Bioresorbable Stents for Congenital Heart Disease Product Development
31 Ahmet Erdemir Cleveland Clinic Logistics of Building Virtual Specimens for In Silico Biomechanics Clinical Study
32 Scott Gayzik Wake Forest University School of Medicine Real-time MRI Motion Tracking of the Cardiac Cycle in Breath-Held, Normal and Heavy Breathing Clinical Study
33 Yogesh Karpate Children's National Medical System A Smartphone Stethoscope and Application for Automated Identification of Innocent Still’s Murmur Clinical Study
34 Kevin Kerr University of Illinois-Chicago Tongue Computer Interface Clinical Study
35 Bryn Lloyd IT'IS Foundation Non-rigid Registration of Computational Phantoms for Personalization and Population Coverage Clinical Study
36 Miriam Rafailovich Stony Brook University Monitoring Facial Nerve Function with Digital Analysis: a Non-contact EMG Equivalent Clinical Study
37 Saumya Tiwari University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Discrete Frequency Infrared Imaging as a Tool for Stainless Histopathology of Clinical Biopsy Samples Clinical Study
38 Ashley Weaver Wake Forest University School of Medicine Postural Influence on Thoracoabdominal Organs of 5th, 50th and 95th Percentile Male Subjects Clinical Study
39 Lisa Lohmueller Carnegie Mellon University The Cardiac Outcomes Risk Assessment (CORA) Counselor: Design of a Personalized LVAD Patient Decision Aid Market Release and Post-Market
40 Kaspars Maleckis University of Nebraska Medical Center Mechanical Evaluation of Peripheral Artery Stents Market Release and Post-Market
41 Yuval Shmueli Stony Brook University Thermal Imaging and Modeling of the FDM Printing Process and Its Influence on Stem Cell Differentiation Market Release and Post-Market
42 Markus Reiterer Medtronic The Role of Judgement in the Assessment of Model Credibility  
43 FDA, Center for Devices and Radiological Health FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health - Medical Device Development Tool  
44 FDA, Center for Devices and Radiological Health The Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories in the Center for Devices and Radiological Health at FDA  
45 FDA, Center for Devices and Radiological Health Risk-informed Credibility Assessment Framework - ASME V&V40