Industry Chapters


The intent of a BMES Industry Chapter is to directly address the needs of both the clinical and industrial BME professionals by providing networking, professional development, and business development opportunities, as well as recruiting opportunities and the general development of a BME community.


Benefits of BMES Industry Chapter membership include attending professional development workshops covering topics such as:
  • Leadership and Management
  • Quality Control
  • Regulatory
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Growing your professional network
  • Hearing from renowned speakers and biomedical engineering professionals
  • Access to world-class faculty and researchers in local university BME departments
  • Networking and recruiting top BME students from local universities
  • Opportunity to interact with local physicians and clinicians
  • Promoting industry development in your region
  • Opportunities for business partnerships and collaborations with local companies, universities, clinicians, service providers.

Starting a BMES Industry Chapter

For information on starting a BMES Industry Chapter in your area, please review Start a BMES Industry Chapter and the Industry Chapter Charter template. Another useful resource is the BMES webinar: How to Join A Local BMES Industry Chapter.  For more information please contact the BMES Membership Department at

Joining a BMES Industry Chapter

After logging into your account, navigate to "Committees, SIGS, & Chapters" from your profile page. All active BMES Industry Chapters are listed under the "Activities Available for Membership" heading. Click "Join" to become a member of your local BMES Industry Chapter.

Current Chapters:

Atlanta Industry Chapter
Contact: Jesse Shearin

Boston Industry Chapter
Contact: Gabriel Gruionu, PhD

Denver Industry Chapter
Contact: Alec Thomas

Houston Industry Chapter
Contact: Jill Almaguer

Indiana Industry Chapter
Contact: Audrey Minks
Minneapolis Twin Cities Industry Chapter
Contact: Nathan Weidenhamer, PhD

North Carolina (Research Triangle Park) Industry Chapter

Contact: Rachel Hunt

Philadelphia Industry Chapter
Contact: Young Shin

San Francisco Bay Area Industry Chapter
Contact: Denise Forkey

St. Louis Region Industry Chapter
Contact: Andrea Para