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Upcoming Webinars

Micro3D Photography on a Budget      
Anyone who uses a microscope or does macro photography knows of the fundamental trade-off between depth-of-field, field-of-view, and magnification. Simply put, the more you zoom in, the less you can see at once. One approach to solve this problem is to use a motorized stage to physically scan across the object, and then use software to stack images in the Z dimension and tile images laterally.  Here, I show you how to build such a stack+stitch microphotography setup by combining off-the-shelf or recycled components, such as a 3D printer, old Blu-Ray players, and a USB camera. The result is an up-to-5-axis motorized rig that can take gigapixel micropanoramas and even 3D scan small objects like insects.  

April 13th, 2:00 PM EST