Interview with Industry - Alyssa Johnson Archive

RECORDED: August 13th, 2020

Introducing a brand new Webinar series, "Interview w/ Industry"; BMES brings you leading members of various Biomedical Engineering fields for a brand new Q&A session each month. We encouraged members to attend live to ask questions about life in the industry, tips and tricks to getting in, and what pitfalls to look out for.

Kaitlyn Ludlam
Founder of AstroBot STEM, a nonprofit designed to introduce girls to role models and opportunities in the field of science, engineering, and math.


Alyssa Johnson
Senior Systems Engineer at Medtronic

Alyssa Johnson is a Senior Systems Engineer at Medtronic with 4 years of experience working in Risk Management. Alyssa manages resources to maintain the risk management files for products in multiple Neuromodulation therapies and has specific interests in procedure improvements. She has served as a business mentor and a leader in multiple STEM-related outreach activities, including Medtronic Exploring Post, the BMES Coulter College, and the BMES-Medtronic Design Competition. 




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