BME Organizations Leading Diversity (BOLD)

To coordinate a national, BME community response to the longstanding racism in our nation and its impact on 1) the composition and culture of our field and 2) healthcare inequality.  

Current Initiatives
Anti-racism: A roadmap to policy transformation in BME
Summit on Anti-Racism in BME: Jan 28-29, 2021

Create a DEI mentorship program for department chairs and faculty via a collaboration between the BMES Diversity Committee, the AIMBE Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, and the AIMBE Committee for Underrepresented Minorities.

  Council of BME Diversity

Collaborate with the Council of BME Chairs to regularly convene leaders of departmental diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) groups (i.e., the Council of BME Diversity) in an effort to effectively spread and thereby amplify successful activities.

Steering Committee Membership
  Virtual Seminars and Conference Session

Convene dedicated conference sessions and virtual seminars led by renowned subject matter experts to promote and foster discussions focused on bringing to light the conscious and subconscious biases, which disproportionately affect the Black community with a long-term effort to build findings into policy-driven action.
Steering Committee


Norma Alcantar
AIMBE Committee for
Minorities Chair

Leah Bellas 
BMES Diversity
Committee Chair

Tejal Desai
AIMBE President

Mike King 
COC Executive

Brenda Ogle
BMES Affiliations
Committee Chair

Cynthia Reinhart-King
AIMBE Committee for
Diversity and Inclusion

Charity Quick
BMES Executive Director

Evan Scott
Council of Diversity
Committee Chair

John White
BMES President-Elect


BMES Responds to Racism and Equal Justice

Anti-Racism: A Roadmap to Policy Transformation in BME

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