Call for projects - UC Denver College of Engineering


As the world moves to working at home and serving customers and members remotely, many businesses are wishing they had started investing in software that would help them do business during this pandemic. Our scientists have a lot to study to solve current world problems. Do you need software?

Are you willing to give a little time and real-world resources to our future engineers? Collaboration with the University of Colorado is a great opportunity that could be a cost-effective way for you to start some useful new software for your company. Is there a phone app, a database system or a web application that could revolutionize the way you work or improve your speed of service or use of knowledge? Many different projects are acceptable challenges for a team of student engineers.

Students in our Senior Design class are tasked with using all of their prior learning to design and build working software for real-world problems. We’ve seen some amazing things from students over the years. A major component of the Senior Design experience is working with real clients. Employers look for skills like communication, teamwork and project management that are learned during the consecutive Senior Design semesters. A client with a Senior Design team must simply be willing to invest time, resources and at least one individual's personal commitment to mentor a team for 2 semesters — Fall and Spring.

About Senior Design Projects
• Clients can be from any walk of life.
• One person (or more) meets with the students weekly to give input about the software being designed.
• Your software idea in your project description must be clearly described. (see below)
• The project must be of the size and scope that a student team can complete well within 2 semesters.
• You will get a prototype software program by December, a more refined one in May.
• Your team will be assigned and in touch with you starting in September.
• You may need to provide the hardware and physical location for software deployment.
• You may need to provide data for the software’s development, launch and testing.

To submit a project proposal:
• Write a project proposal - a page or two will do - including:
◦ Contact information (name, address, phone, email, company)
◦ Name of Project
◦ Statement of Need
▪ Why do you need software built for your organization?
▪ What data or information goes into your software?
◦ Purpose of the Software Application to be Built
▪ What problems will new software be expected to solve?
◦ Who will use the software? (Are there different levels of users?)
◦ Include a list of features needed. (What does the software do?)
◦ When is the software used?
◦ Where is the software going to be used?
◦ Are there known challenges for building and deploying the software described? If so, what are they?
• Submit the proposal to Debra Parcheta, Instructor by August 10th.
◦ Email it to:
◦ Or contact Debra with questions at 303-246-7926.

Thanks for considering a project at CU Denver! We can’t wait to hear about what you want to build.
Debra Parcheta – Instructor