Interview with Industry - Hetal Sarvaiya Archive

RECORDED: February 28th, 2020

Introducing a brand new Webinar series, "Interview w/ Industry"; BMES brings you leading members of various Biomedical Engineering fields for a brand new Q&A session each month. We encouraged members to attend live to ask questions about life in the industry, tips and tricks to getting in, and what pitfalls to look out for.

Dorma Flemister
Student Liason to the Board of Directors
Member of the Student Affairs Subcommittee
Student at Ohio State University



Hetal Sarvaiya
Associate Director at Abbie South San Francisco.

MS in Biomedical Engineering from Virginia Tech. 

Hetal leads the Protein Science-Analytics group, where her team develops biophysical, analytical, and bioanalytical methods using HPLC and MAss-Spec to support a variety of different Biologics (Antibody drug conjugates) programs from early discovery through preclinical evaluation. 

Hetal has 13+ years of industry experience in developing Mass-Spec based on approaches for analytical and bioanalytical characterization of different biotherapeutics modalities (mAbs, biospecifics, fusion proteins, nanobodies, and ADCs), as well as biosimilars. 

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