Meet the Faculty Candidate

The "Meet the Faculty Candidate Forum" will provide a great opportunity for faculty, recruiters, and Department Chairs to speak directly with current graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are seeking faculty positions.


We invite recruiters to attend the "Meet the Faculty Candidate Forum," which will be available during the entire meeting.  Admission will only be open to potential employers. All individuals participating (candidates and potential employers) must be registered for the Virtual Annual Meeting in order to gain admission.
The BMES 2020 Annual Meeting Meet the Faculty Candidate Forum is only open to those who are actively on the market for the 2020-2021 recruiting cycle. If this does not apply to you then please submit to participate at the BMES 2021 Annual Meeting. 

Candidates must be a PhD in 2020 or prior and must be a BMES member. Pre-registration is required to attend this event.