2020 CMBE Conference


Conference Theme 
"Vision 2020:  Emerging technologies to elucidate the rule of life"

The theme, “Vision 2020:  Emerging Technologies to Elucidate the Rule of Life,” is intended to address the key problem of how the new emerging technologies can help us to engineer better biological systems to transform our understanding of the rule of life, as well as translate new discoveries in ways that ultimately benefit human health. Recently, many new technologies have been developed such as genomic/epigenetic editing, single-cell to tissue level cell atlas, tools to manipulate the extracellular environment, and methods to fabricate cell/tissue structure in 3D. Within this central theme, a broad spectrum of isolated groups has emerged from disparate disciplines but has not been fully engaged in CMBE community.

Program Topics
  • Molecular, Genetic/Epigenetic Engineering
  • Cell Atlas
  • Multicellular Emerging Behavior 
  • Engineering Cell-ECM Interactions 
  • Engineering Cell/Tissue Models 
  • Engineering Immune System
  • Engineered Tissues/Organs and the Path to Translation 

Conference Highlights
  • Shu Chien Achievement Award Presentation
  • Christopher Jacobs Award for Excellence in Leadership Presentation
  • Rising Star Podium Sessions for Principal Investigators 
  • Short Talks for Student/Fellow Abstracts 
  • Poster Sessions for Latest Research 
  • Mentoring Lunch 
  • Lunch with Leaders  

Conference Chairs

Guohao Dai, Ph.D
Northeastern University
Adam Feinberg, Ph.D 
Carnegie Mellon University 
Leo Q. Wan, Ph.D
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute