Tissue Biofabrication Webinar

Recorded: December 11, 2017

Kaiming Ye, PhD
Chair, BMES Advanced Biomanufacturing (ABioM) Special Interest Group (SIG)
Professor and Chair, Department of Bioengineering, Watson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton
Bill Murphy, PhD
Co-Director of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Guohao Dai, PhD
Associate Professor, Bioengineering, Northeastern University

The BMES Advanced Biomanufacturing Special Interest Group (ABioM SIG) organized this webinar to inform the emerging field of Advanced Biomanufacturing, in which cell manufacturing and tissue fabrication pose significant challenges to the future progress of biomanufacturing. The development of enabling technologies and new methods for material and cell sourcing, process automation, modularization, standardization, product validation, regulation, and QA/QC as well as workforce training are essential to foster growth and sustain the field. This webinar is focused on discussing the frontiers of advanced biomanufacturing including 3D tissue printing, bioink formulation, biomaterial design, and tissue assembly. Opening remarks provide an overview of the BMES ABioM SIG’s 2017 activities, followed by a presentation on the SIG’s 2018 planned program.
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