Best Practices for How to Sustain a BMES Student Chapter (featuring the 2017 BMES Outstanding Student Chapter awardee)

October 30, 2017
3:00pm Eastern

Matthew Brown
BMES Board of Directors Student Representative 

Alexandra Kasper
Current President, University of California, San Diego BMES Student Chapter

Bryan Yeh
Past Co-President, University of California, San Diego BMES Student Chapter

Alexandra Muise
Past Co-President, University of California San Diego BMES Student Chapter

This webinar will feature an overview of how to start a BMES Student Chapter and expectations for sustaining a chapter. There will be a presentation from the 2017 BMES Outstanding Student Chapter award winner, University of California, San Diego. The chapter will provide their undergraduate student chapter best practices, goals and accomplishments, and share ways they interact with their graduate student chapter. The chapter will highlight initiatives targeting student success, research literacy, and community outreach. They will identify best practices in their transition processes, how to illicit student involvement, and future directions. The webinar will allow students interested in starting a chapter, new student chapters, and current student chapter members the opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas and implement new goals for their upcoming year.

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