DUPLICATE-2017 CMBE Abstracts

Poster Abstracts

1 Aijaz Ayesha Rutgers University Insulin-Secreting Cells and Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Chronic Wound Closure
2 Allen Kyle University of Florida Magnetic Capture of Intra-articular Biomarkers from the Rat Knee
3 Allen Shane University of Texas at Austin Dynamic Increase in Matrix Stiffness Reduces Macrophage Polarization to an Inflammatory Phenotype
4 Banda Omar University of Delaware A New Approach to Traction Force MicroscopyUsing Embedded Arrays of Fiducial Markers with Implied Zero-Displacement States
5 Batalov Ivan Carnegie Mellon University Using Fibronectin Architecture in the Embryonic Heart to Engineer Developmentally-Inspired Human Cardiac Tissues
6 Bhattacharyya Roby Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Rapid antibiotic susceptibility testingusing RNA-hybridizingmolecularprobes
7 Bhuiyan Didarul University  of  Minnesota Twin  Cities Identification of a critical signaling link between extracellular matrix engagement and cardiomyocyte differentiation.
8 Bhutani  Nidhi Stanford University The Epigenetic Toolkit for Cellular Reprogramming and Engineering
9 Boerckel  Joel University of Notre Dame YAP/TAZ feedback control of neovascular mechanosensation
10 Boodoo Chelsie Florida International University Attraction of Glucose on a Gold or Silver Nanoparticle Coated with Mixed Thiols
11 Brock  Amy University of Texas at Austin High Resolution Lineage Tracking and Lineage-Specific Control of Gene Expression
12 Brooks  Oliver Queen Mary University of London The relationship between pluripotency state and susceptibility of nuclear shape and organisation to cell traction in mouse ESCs
13 Brown Justin The Pennsylvania State University Bio-Instructive Scaffolds: Guiding Design Through Understanding Geometry Sensing
14 Chan Manwai University of Illinois, Chicago Smartphone-fluidics based Smartphone-Fluidics Based Microscopy and Flow Cytometry for Islet Quantification
15 Chen  Weiqiang New York University Cellular Mechanoadaptation: When Biology Meets Mechanics
16 Chen Xiaoyang USC Roski Eye Institute Development  of  the  ultrahigh  frequency  ultrasonic  transducer  (300-MHz  to  500-MHz)  for flexible sized single beam acoustic tweezers and high-resolution ultrasound imaging
17 Chen Lei First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University Engineering Pre-vascularized Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Sheets for Full Thickness Skin Wound Repair
18 Cheng Gong The Pennsylvania State University Functional Nanomaterial for Protein Enrichment and Delivery into Mammalian Cells
19 Chowdhury  Farhan Southern Illinois University Nano yoyo force sensors define single molecular forces for Notch activation
20 Chu Yu-Pu National Cheng Kung University Expansible and Microporous Polyurethane Hydrophilic Foam for Wound Dressing: In VitroandIn VivoEvaluation
21 Dang Alex Columbia University Expansion of Exhausted T Cells via Electrospun Poly(Dimethyl Siloxane)-based Fibrous Meshes
22 Dawson Michelle Brown University Biophysical Interactions of Stromal Cells with Invasive Breast Cancer Cells
23 Deguchi Shinji Osaka University Local Geometry Sensing by Individual Focal Adhesions
24 Doolin  Mary University of Maryland The Impact of Mechanical Confinement on Stem Cell Migration and Mechanobiology
25 Dorsey Taylor Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Regulating Arterial Venous Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem CellsThrough Immobilized EphrinB2/EphB4Signals
26 Doyle  Adele University of California, Santa Barbara Predicting Mechanical Sensitivity of Oncogenes
27 Du Jing Tsinghua University Heat shock factor is a mechanical sensor for left-right axis determination in zebrafish embryogenesis
28 Fang Shao-Yu National Cheng Kung University The role of inflammatory responses in endothelial damage in vein graft
29 Field Lauren University of Maryland Semiconductor Quantum Dots as Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Donors for Intracellular Biosensors
30 Fu Kai-Jing National Taiwan University Wavy Structures Change Nuclear Shapeand Mechanotransduction
31 Gates Evan Duke University Force-activated protein dynamics of E-cadherin
32 Gligorijevic  Bojana Temple University Real-time intravital microscopy of invadopodia reveals microenvironment role in metastasis
33 Grosberg  Anna University of California, Irvine Local and Global Structure Effects on Cardiac Contractility
34 Han Jeonghun Sungkyunkwan  University Rapid emergence of concentration gradient-induced cancer drug resistance and its mechanism study
35 Haun  Jered University of California, Irvine The Evolution and Biophysics of Multivalent Nanoparticle Adhesion
36 Hong  Yi University of Texas at Arlington Bioactive hydrogel cell niches from naturally derived extracellular matrix
37 Hooks Joshua Georgia Institute of Technology Response of Lymphatic Collecting Vessels to PEG Hydrogels with Tunable Properties
38 Huang Chia-Wei National Cheng Kung University Involvement of microRNAs for the synergistic targets in ASC-differentiated endothelial and neural lineage cells to preventhypoxic-ischemic brain injury
39 Huang Tzu-Chieh National Cheng Kung University Assembling Composite Dermal Papilla Spheres with Adipose-derived Stem Cells to Enhance Hair Follicle Induction
40 Hwang Priscilla Washington University CXCR4 and hypoxia drive directional cancer cell migration
41 Jeon Tae-Joon Inha University Encapsulating Biologically Functional Materials into Giant Unilamellar Vesicles 
42 Jiang Yong Zhengzhou University Electrospun Polycaprolactone/Gelatin Composites with Enhanced Cell–Matrix Interactions as Blood Vessel Endothelial Layer Scaffolds
43 Jin Yang Changzhou University Micro-curvature environment is a determinant of changing structural organization and mechanical properties of airway smooth muscle cells during embryonic lung development
44 Jung Jieun Dankook University Application of cultured  dermal  fibroblasts-derived  decellularized matrix as  an effective culture substrate of primary dental pulp-stem cells 
45 Juran Cassandra NASA's Ames Research Center Osteogenic signaling control of MSCs regulated by exaggerated mechanical loading of osteocyte-osteoblast cellular network
46 Kang Hongyan Beihang University Regional specific modulation of the glycocalyx and smooth muscle cell contractile apparatus in conduit arteries of tail-suspended rats
47 Kelmendi-Doko Arta University of Pittsburgh Double Wall Microsphere Controlled Delivery System for Adipose Tissue Retention and Enhancement
48 Kidambi Srivastan University of Nebraska-Lincoln Mechanobioengineering Approach to Study the Role of Matrix Rigidity in Liver Fibrosis
49 Kim Sehee Wooridul Huebrain Ltd. Effects  of  osteoinductionin  hMSC  by newly  synthetic  peptide(OP-5)derived  from  BMP-2 andits application with OP-5 conjugated PLLA for clinical use
50 Konno Masamitsu   New  Trans-omics  Analysis  revealed  Novel  Functions  of  the  Cancer  Specific  Metabolic Pathway in Cancer Stem Cells
51 Kumar Sandeep Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University Knockdown of mechanosensitive miRNA cluster—miR-106b~25 decreases endothelial proliferation and prevents atherosclerosis in ApoE-/- mice 
52 Labriola Nicholas Brown University Microbead Cellular Mimics for Biomedical Applications
53 Leandre Verida Brown University Encapsulated proteins recruit progenitor cell populations via intra-peritoneal implantation of mesh constructs
1 Leary Elizabeth Brown University Advancing the Use of 3D Spheroids for Quantitative Live-Cell, High-Throughput Screening
2 Leight Jennifer Ohio State University Matrix stiffness and cell phenotype regulate invasive potential in breast cancer cells
3 Lim Wan Sungkyunkwan University The efficacy of anticancer drugs on microfluidic spheroid culture system with concentration gradient generator
4 Lucas Sarah Oak Ridge National Laboratory Decoding DNA-Repair via Crystallographic Diffraction
5 McDermott Anna University of Notre Dame Mechanical control of endochondral bone regeneration by engineered mesenchymal condensations
6 Mehta Geeta University of Michigan Breast Cancer Cells Acquire Chemoresistant, Metastatic and Invasive Phenotypes when Exposed to Pulsatile Fluid Shear Stress in a 3D Bioreactor Platform
7 Mellott Adam University of Kansas Medical Center Teaching Human Wharton’s Jelly Cells New Tricks with Parafilm for Wound Healing 
8 Monroe Madeline Rice University Understanding the Role of Extracellular Matrix Environments in Aortic Valvular Interstitial Cell Development via Three-dimensional Filter Paper Platform
9 Moonga Surinder Stony Brook University Promotion of osteoblast mineralization within bovine trabecular scaffold in a dynamic flow bioreactor by acoustic radiation force induced fluid flow 
10 Moore Emily Columbia University Molecular manipulations of calcium/ cAMP dynamics in osteocyte mechanotransduction
11 Nam Jin University of California, Riverside Mechano-modulation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for Directed Heterogeneous Differentiation in 3D
12 Ngo Anh Oregon Health and Science University αIIb or not IIb: Novel insights into the regulation of GPIIb expression and localization in activated platelets
13 Ngo Anh Oregon Health and Science University Mechanical Amplification Of Tumor Death Using Polymeric Nanoparticle
14 Nichol Jason Endicott College Elucidating the Role of 3D Mechanical Environment on Cancer Cell Gene Expression
15 Nishida Naohiro Osaka University Epigenetic modifications on non-coding RNAs in cancer
16 Park Yongkuk University of Seoul Fabrication of nucleic acid-based materials for efficient gene delivery
17 Paul Arghya University of Kansas Cell Secretome-rich nanoengineered hydrogel to repair damaged heart tissue
18 Peng Qin University of California,  San Diego Single Cell Imaging of Epigenetic Dynamics
19 Perez Pinera Pablo University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Nuclease-Assisted Vector Integration For Gene Activation And Transcript Engineering: A Robust Platform For Tunable and Multiplexed Activation of Endogenous Genes
20 Priya Rajan Shiny Amala Virginia Tech–Wake Forest School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences Motility and biochemical assessment of cells in 3D tumor model on a microfluidic platform
21 Qian Weiyi New York University Nanotopography-dependent Mechanobiology in Regulating Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Fate
22 Ramirez John Del Mar College Membrane Protein Expression of Engineered Escherichia coli Strains  After Single / Multiple Plasmid Transformation
23 Ratcliff Gabriel University of Oklahoma Effectiveness of Gelatin Coatings on Cancer Cell Attachmentto Scaffoldsin 3D Perfusion Bioreactors
24 Ray Poulomi Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Cellular Intrinsic Left-Right Asymmetryin Cardiac C-Looping
25 Resutek Lauren University of Maryland Role of Cytokeratin Intermediate Filaments in Maintaining Vacuolar Morphology of Chordoma Cells
26 Ryu Jiheun Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology High-speed fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy for live cell imaging
27 Sarkar Biplab Tufts University Mechanistic Insight into the Interaction of Silk Fibroin with Ions and Small Molecules
28 Seong Jihye University  of  Illinois at Urbana-Champaign FRET-based Visualization of PDGF Receptor Activation at Membrane Microdomain
29 Sewell-Loftin Mary Kathryn Washington University Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Mechanically Regulate Blood Vessel Formation
30 Sharma Poonam University of Maryland Vimentin intermediate filamentsaltersubstrate-specificity of adhesion and spreading ofhMSCs
31 Shim Hyeeun Wooridul Huebrain Ltd. The influence of hair loss usingnatural extractsbyinhibiting the activation of 5α-reductaseand preventing apoptosis inhair follicle dermal papillar cells
32 Shin Hyeok Jun Hanyang University Development of micropatterned nanofibers for mimicking of endothelium
33 Slater John University of Delaware A New Approach to Traction Force Microscopy Using Embedded Arrays of Fiducial Markers with Implied Zero-Displacement States
34 Soto Mario University of Puerto Rico Osteoblast Proliferation Restriction Due to Metal Trace Elements Released from Oxidized Ti Alloys
35 Spasic Milos Columbia University Targeting primary cilia-mediated mechanotransduction to enhance bone formation and intercellular paracrine signaling
36 Tran Quyen University  of  Wisconsin–Madison Developmental pathways pervade stem cell responses to evolving extracellular matrices of 3D microenvironments
37 Vekilov Dragoslava Rice University Longitudinal Changes in Mitral Valve in Response to Altered Mechanical Stimuli
38 Verida Leandre Brown University Encapsulated proteins recruit progenitor cell populations via intra-peritoneal implantation of mesh constructs
39 Villasante Aranzazu Columbia University Engineering Tumor Microenvironments for Studies of Osteolysis 
40 Walsh Kevin Colorado State University Bio Logic Gate: AND Gate Constructed in Cyanobacteria 
41 Wang Weina Hubei University of Medicine Bmi-1 expression of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells induced by fluid shear stress mediated with Akt signal molecule
42 Wang Ting-Yun National Cheng Kung University Dynamics of integrin-FAK-Src signaling for artery and vein in response to shear stress
43 Wang Christine Stanford University Matrix stiffness modulates patient-derived glioblastoma xenograft cell proliferation and invasion  in 3D biomimetic hydrogels 
44 Wong Lian University of California Experimental and Computational Modeling for Directing Vascular Fate
45 Wyatt Meghan University of Pittsburgh Influencing Differentiation of Neural Progenitor Cells with Gene Silencing 
46 Xing Yuan University of Illinois, Chicago A Pumpless Microfluidic Device Driven by Surface Tension for Pancreatic Islet
47 Xiong Niya University of Electronic Science and Technology of China The Roles of the Caveolin-1 in Cytoskeleton Reorganization, Adhesion and Protrusion Formation under Low Shear Flow 
48 Yoon Sangpil University of Southern California Single-cell level targeting and simultaneous intracellular delivery of macromolecules using super high frequency ultrasound 
49 Yuan Fan Duke University Environmental resistance to three-dimensional growth of single cells
50 Zhao Ping Beihang University Mechanotransduction mediated by endothelial glycocalyx layer affects the interactions between endothelial cells and vascular smooth muscle cells
51 Zhou Ji Widener University A Targeted Drug Delivery System for Selective Deliver of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1to Infarcted Myocardium to ImproveStem Cell Survival
52 Zhu Wei The George Washington University 3D Bioprinting Mesenchymal Stem Cell-laden Construct with Core-shell Nanospheres for Cartilage Regeneration
53 Zhu Zeng Guizhou Medical University G protein coupling receptor-one of the menchanosensor for dendritic cells

Highlighted = Honorary Poster

Speaker Abstracts

1 Bentley William University of Maryland Synthetic Biology and Biofabrication for Conveyance of Molecular Communication
2 Campbell Rob University of Alberta Molecular engineering of a new generation of fluorescent reporters and actuators of cell signalling
3 Carroll Dana University of Utah  Genome Editing with Programmable Nucleases
4 Chien Shu University of California, San Diego FRET Imaging of Nucleosome Epigenetics in Single Cells
5 Cochran Jennifer Stanford University Tumor Targeting and Immunotherapy Enabled By an Engineered Peptide-Fc Fusion
6 Cui Bianxiao Stanford University Optogenetic manipulation of neurotrophin activities
7 Doh Junsang Pohang University of Science and Technology Biophysical cues regulating T cell extravasation
8 Dong Cheng Penn State University Immune Cell-mediated Nanoparticles and Drug Delivery Across the Blood-Brain Barrier Targeting Brain Tumors
9 Engler Adam University of California, San Diego Improving on “Disease-in- a-dish:” How Engineered Niche Induce Novel Phenotypes from induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs)
10 Fyhrie David Paul National Science Foundation, Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation Seeking an Award from NSF/ENG/CMMI
11 Georgiou George University of Texas at Austin Unanticipated Facets of Human Adaptive Immunity Revealed by Molecular-Level Analysis of the Serum Antibody Repertoire
12 Gersbach Charlie Duke University Genome and Epigenome Editing for Gene Therapy and Cell Programming
13 Guo Ed Columbia University Muscle-like “beating” osteocytes under loading enhance vesicle release to mediate bone formation
14 Heo Won Do KAIST University of South Korea Optogenetic Control of Diverse Cellular Components in Mammalian Cells
15 Inoue Yasuhiro Kyoto University Multiscale interplay between intracellular and multicellular dynamics in tissue morphogenesis
16 Jensen Michael Seattle Children’s Hospital Enhancing the Synthetic IQ of CAR T Cells
17 Jo Hanjoong Emory/Georgia Tech Knockdown of mechanosensitive miRNA cluster—miR-106b~25 decreases endothelial proliferation and prevents atherosclerosis in ApoE-/- mice
18 Kam Lance Columbia University T cell Mechanobiology
19 Kennedy Matthew University of Colorado Novel approaches for controlling synaptic and cellular function with light
20 Kumar Sanjay University of California, Berkeley There's a time and a place-Biological discovery with spatially and temporally engineered materials
21 Leckband Deborah University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Intercellular Force Transduction Activates a Mechanically Sensitive Signaling Network
22 Li Song University of California, Los Angeles Mechanical regulation of direct cell reprogramming
23 Lim CT National University of Singapore Mechanobiology of Collective Cell Migration in Epithelial Cell Sheets
24 Lin Michael Stanford University Developing technologies for sensing and controlling biology with modular protein design
25 Mali Prashant University of California, San Diego De novo mapping of genetic interactions via combinatorial CRISPR-Cas9 screens
26 Mikos Tony Rice University Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering
27 Miyawaki Atsushi Riken Brain Science Institute Genetically encoded tools based on fluorescent proteins
28 Odde David University of Minnesota Optimality in cell adhesion and migration in mechanically compliant microenvironments
29 Qi Yingxin Shanghai Jiao Tong University Nuclear Envelope Proteins Modulate Vascular Remodeling in Hypertension
30 Sadelain Michel Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center CRISPR/Cas9 CAR delivery enhances CAR T cell-mediated tumor eradication
31 Sato Moritoshi University of Tokyo Optical control of the genome
32 Schmid-Schoenbein Geert University of California, San Diego Autodigestion and Proteolytic Receptor Cleavage as Basis for Cell Dysfunction and Organ Failure
33 Shung Kirk University of Southern California Cellular Applications of Very High Frequency (>100 MHz) Ultrasound
34 Singh Ankur Cornell University Ex vivo engineered immune organoids for controlling the kinetics of B cell differentiation
35 Sun Jie Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Engineered Proteins with Sensing and Actuating Modules for Automated Reprogramming of Cellular Functions
36 Tucker Chandra University of Colorado Light control of protein activity using engineered photoreceptors
37 Turtle Cameron Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center CD19-targeted CAR-T cell therapy for adult B cell malignancies
38 Wagers Amy Harvard University Therapeutic gene editing in muscles and muscle stem cells
39 Wang Peter Yingxiao University of California, San Diego Molecular Imaging and Cellular Manipulation in Immuno-engineering
40 Wei Xunbin Shanghai Jiao Tong University In vivo trapping of cells in living animals by infrared optical tweezers
41 Wu Josh National Cheng Kung University of Taiwan Microenvironmental inductions of adipose-derived stem cells for regenerative medicine
42 Zhang Jin University of California, San Diego Illuminating Biochemical Activity Architecture of the Cell
43 Zhao Huimin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Genome Engineering: An Emerging Frontier in Synthetic Biology
44 Zhu Cheng Georgia Institute of Technology Microenvironment induced impairments of T-cell mechanosensing of melanoma antigens

Rising Star Abstracts

1 Cohen-Karni  Tzahi Carnegie Mellon 3D nanosensors for electrical interrogations of engineered micro-tissues
2 Coulombe  Kareen Brown University Optimization of a Collagen-Fibrin Matrix for Human iPSC-derived Cardiac Tissue Formation and Function
3 DeKosky  Brandon University of Kansas Paired Heavy and Light Chain Antibody Repertoire Analysis to Accelerate HIV Vaccines
4 Fan  Rong Yale University Single Cell Proteomic Analysis of CAR T Cell Activation Reveals a Complex Polyfuctional Response and Significant Interpatient Heterogeneity
5 Fraley  Stephanie University of California, San Diego 3D Matrix Confinement Triggers Vascular Mimicry Through a Conserved Migration and Transcriptional Response
6 Fu  Jianping University of Michigan Mechanobiology, Pluripotent Stem Cells, and early Embryonic development
7 Gilbert  Penney University of Toronto Three-dimensional culture models to study satellite cell-mediated skeletal muscle repair
8 Gleghorn  Jason University of Delaware Connecting mechanical and molecular regulators of lung development
9 Huang  Ngan Stanford University Engineering Pre-Vascularized Skeletal Muscle with Physiologically-Relevant Cellular Organization for Treatment of Volumetric Muscle Loss
10 Jiang  Jenny University of Texas at Austin Systems Immunology Approach to Engineering Immunity to Malaria in Children
11 Liu  Allen University of Michigan Repurposing bacterial mechanosensitive channel for cell mechanics and cell migration study
12 McCain  Megan University of Southern California Micromolded Gelatin Hydrogels Enable Maturation of Engineered Skeletal Myotubes
13 Qiaobing  Xu Tufts University Efficient Delivery of Genome-Editing Proteins using Bioreducible Lipid Nanoparticles
14 Scott  Evan Northwestern University Tailoring nanostructure morphology for enhanced targeting of immune cells in atherosclerosis without the use of targeting ligands
15 Simmons  Chelsey University of Florida Pancreatic Tumor Microenvironments Reveal Immune-Independent Remodeling

Postdoc Student Abstracts

1 Dhada  Kabir University of Texas at Austin Hybrid Polymer-Gold Nanoshell for Live Stem Cell Imaging
2 Gray  Kelsey University of Maryland Biomimetic Matrices for Blood-brain Barrier-on-chip: Potential of Microelectronics
3 Gu  Luo Harvard University Directing Stem Cell Fate by Tuning Matrix Stress Relaxation
4 LaCroix  Andy Duke University The role of lamellipodial protrusions and stress fibers in vinculin mechanotransductio
5 Mitchell  Michael Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mechanical Amplification Of Tumor Death Using Polymeric Nanoparticles
6 Nordberg  Rachel University of North Carolina/NC State University Corin: A Mediator of Osteogenic/Angiogenic Crosstalk Mechanisms
7 Rothenberg  Katheryn Duke University Force Activated Protein Dynamics in Directed Cell Migration
8 Wang  Karin Harvard University Unjamming to initiate collective migration in breast cancer
9 Wu  Yiqian University of California, San Diego In-Situ Coupling between Kinase Activities and Protein Dynamics within Single Focal Adhesions
10 Zilberman-Rudenko  Jevgenia Oregon Health and Sciences University Dynamics of blood flow and thrombus formation in a multi-bypass microfluidic network