Medical Devices SIG Webinar

Computational Modeling for Regulatory Science in the Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories at the FDA

Recorded: December 7, 2016 

ModeratorWalt Baxter, PhD

Senior Principal Scientist, Medtronic

SpeakerLeonardo Angelone, PhD

Research Biomedical Engineer, Center for Devices and Radiological Health,
Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The Computational Modeling for Regulatory Science at the FDA webinar will give BMES Medical Devices SIG members a high-level overview of the Agency’s research around advancing knowledge on the complex interactions between electromagnetic fields and human body. The research combines anatomically precise computational models and experimental measurements applied to several areas of clinical significance, including: 1) analysis of radiofrequency (RF)-induced heating in patients with implanted medical devices undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); 2) RF safety of human subjects during interventional MRI; 3) analysis of safety and effectiveness of MR Conditional deep brain stimulators. These projects are conducted with active collaborations with several researchers both within the FDA and worldwide at leading academic research institutes and industry organizations. These projects have direct impact to the regulatory mission of the Agency, because anatomically precise numerical models are used by industry in pre-market evaluation of safety and effectiveness of their medical devices. The accuracy of these models and the validation methods are often fundamental issues in the ongoing regulatory evaluation.

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