Tenure Promotion Process Webinar

Recorded: September 15, 2015

Kyle Allen, PhD
Assistant Professor
J. Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Florida

Donald P. Gaver, PhD
Alden J. “Doc” Laborde Professor and Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering
Tulane University

Martine LaBerge, PhD
Professor and Chair of Bioengineering
Clemson University

Obtaining tenure varies by institution and even within departments at the same institution. This webinar will discuss what tenure is and the different processes and expectations to consider when preparing for tenure. The speakers will share their perspectives from both private and public institutions and provide case examples of what institutions look for. Whether you are a graduate student, early career professional thinking about a faculty position, starting a new faculty position or faculty moving to a new institution, this webinar will give you guidance on what to keep in mind for obtaining tenure and how to use the skills you learn in the process to continue to advance your academic career.  

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