Best Practices for Managing Employees in Academia and Industry Webinar

Recorded: November 7, 2013

David Kwartowitz, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Clemson University

Craig Goergen, PhD
Assistant Professor, Weldon School of Bioengineering, Purdue University 

Joan Greve, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan (January 2014)

Are you trained in engineering but lack the skills to manage employees? Many engineering managers who come to management by moving up the ranks may have had plenty of engineering training but are put in situations to learn management skills through trial and error. As a manager it is important to help people do their best work and provide staff with an environment they can do their best work in. This webinar will provide graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and early career professionals with practical approaches and best practices for:
  • Successfully managing groups and different employee competencies, experience levels and work styles in academia and industry settings;
  • Strengthening manager/managee relationships and building trust with employees;
  • Identifying how to provide the best feedback to employees on a daily basis and through annual reviews;
  • Learning how to be an advocate for your employees; and
  • Developing skills for managing in the era of social media.

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