Effective Strategies for Teaching BME Webinar

Recorded: May 16, 2013


Eileen Haase, PhD
Program Chair, Applied Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University


Melissa Kurtis Micou, PhD
Academic Coordinator for Undergraduate Research, Office of Research Affairs, University of California – San Diego

Samir Iqbal, PhD
Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering, Nanotechnology Research and Education Center, University of Texas at Arlington

Effective teaching requires mastery of the subject, pedagogical bent and careful planning as well as management acumen to deal with students, TAs and colleagues all within ever-changing environs of connected classrooms. This webinar is geared toward graduate students, early-career faculty members, and anyone interested in improving their experiences of the teaching-learning process. The speakers will address various dimensions of developing syllabi, preparing lab/lecture courses, time management, academic integrity, student engagement, new teaching tools and technologies, and role of assessments to improve teaching. Various proven strategies will be discussed to enhance the learning experience in a modern classroom.

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