Best Practices and How to Sustain a BMES Student Chapter Webinar

Recorded: February 28, 2017

Art Ritter, PhD
Distinguished Service Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Steven's Institute of Technology
BMES Student Affairs Subcommittee Chair

Brad Hubbard
Past President, BMES Graduate Student Chapter, Virginia Tech/Wake Forest University

This webinar features an overview of how to start a BMES Student Chapter and expectations for sustaining a chapter. There is a presentation from the 2016 BMES Outstanding Student Chapter awardee winner, Virginia Tech/Wake Forest. The chapter provides their graduate student chapter best practices along with their chapter’s goals and accomplishments. They highlight initiatives targeting community outreach and student support. They identify positives of maintaining their chapter as well as lessons learned and how they overcame obstacles while maintaining a chapter. The webinar allows new and current student chapters an opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas and implement new goals for their current year.

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