Interview with Industry - Emma Moran Archive

RECORDED: March, 23rd 2020

Introducing a brand new Webinar series, "Interview w/ Industry"; BMES brings you leading members of various Biomedical Engineering fields for a brand new Q&A session each month. We encouraged members to attend live to ask questions about life in the industry, tips and tricks to getting in, and what pitfalls to look out for.

Matthew Brown
Member of the Student Affairs Subcommittee
Mayo Graduate School



Emma Moran
Research Engineer at Cook Research.

After graduating with her PhD from Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, she worked for Biorg, a small startup that aimed at commercializing 3D multicellular models. 

Emma joined Cook in 2015 to work on the New Ventures team, where her role is to generate growth opportunities based on an in-depth understanding of clinical needs, emerging technologies, and market dynamics. 


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