2019 BME Education Summit Meeting

Biomedical engineering and bioengineering programs have contributed significantly to the development of a highly qualified workforce that has contributed to research and spurred innovation. It is important that our educational methods and content keep pace with the rapid developments in our expanding field. The objective of the Fourth Biomedical Engineering (BME) Education Summit Meeting is to evaluate the current state of educational approaches in BME and to foster progress and improvement that addresses future national challenges. The summit will provide a platform to discuss core competencies at the undergraduate and graduate levels to assure that our students remain prepared to meet future challenges. The meeting will be organized into 4 themes: Academic core competencies, Learning environments and evidence-based practices, Industry-ready skills, and Graduate education and special programs. These themes were selected to cover content, delivery, and educational outcomes. Each theme will be organized into small group sessions designed to allow all participants to have a voice, and to generate concrete outcomes that will benefit our community.

We invite stakeholders from industry and academia to attend. Each academic institution will be allowed 3 participants.