BMES- Medtronic Student Design Competition

Biomedical Engineering Society’s students are encouraged to apply to the 2019 Annual Design Contest, sponsored by Medtronic. This year’s topic is Digital Imaging. Submit your proposal and if your team is chosen as one of the top six design submissions you will be given the opportunity to present your work at the Annual Meeting in October.

Design Focus
  • Submit an innovative design focusing on Digital Imaging, either reinventing a classic or developing something new
  • Give students the opportunity to showcase their technical skills at the BMES 2019 Annual Meeting
  • Provide students with a chance to network with product development and design professionals in the BME industry
  • Six amazing designs will be chosen as finalists and the top three will be selected as the winning submissions 
Awardees will receive (Top 3 teams only)
  • The design that wins first place will be awarded $1,500 with up to $1,500* in travel reimbursement
  • The design that comes in second place will be awarded $1,000 with up to $750* in travel reimbursement
  • The design that places third will be awarded $500 with up to $500* in travel reimbursement
*Travel Award Reimbursements have regulations on what is and isn't reimbursable. Please look over the BMES Travel Expense Report and Reimbursable Guidelines after design submission. 

To Access the Student Design Competition application, CLICK HERE 

To Access the Judging Criteria, CLICK HERE
Important Information
  1. The 2019 Design theme is Digital Imaging 
  2. All design team members MUST be BMES student members in good standing
  3. If you are submitting your design as a Student Chapter, it must also be in good standing
  4. Institutions may submit up to three teams. Excess entries by one institution will invalidate all entries by that institution.
  5. All winners will be notified by August 1st, 2019.
NOTE: This year's submissions will be asked to focus on ways to improve or reinvent the practice of viewing the body through devices. Digital Imaging can be as broad or as narrow as you like but please ensure you are focused on creating something that will aid the medical community. 

Please direct your inquiries/submit the application to


APPLICATION DEADLINE IS 12:00pm EST, June 30th, 2019


2019 Medtronic-BMES Student Design Competition Finalists

BMES received many fabulous submissions, however, in lue of many designs not fully meeting the requested theme criteria the final presentation format has been changed from selecting six finalists to only selecting four finalists. Unfortunately, this means that many excellent designs were not chosen.

The four finalists chosen to present at the 2019 BMES Annual Meeting are: 

The team from the University of Florida 
The team from Arizona State University
The team from George Washington University
The team from California State University

​Congratulations to each and every team that submitted a design and come out to the Annual Meeting to see the finalists compete for First, Second, and Third Place!