Talk Abstracts 
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Talk No. Authors Title
Keynote Speakers
T1 Nancy Allbritton Large Intestine for Basic Physiology and Drug Assay
T2 Ali Brivanlou Deconstructing the Human Brain: The Emergence of Neuruloids
T3 David Mooney Building immunity with biomaterials
T4 Doris Taylor Engineering Tissues and Organs and the Path to Translation
T5 Valerie Weaver The reciprocal interplay between ECM stiffness and tumor immunity
T6 Ron Weiss Mammalian Synthetic Biology – Foundations and Applications to Programmable Organoids
T7 Kun Zhang Constructing single-cell maps of human organs
Invited Speakers
T8 Danielle Benoit Engineered Salivary Gland Tissue Chips
T9 Steven George  
T10 Warren Grayson Point-of-Care Cell-Based Strategies for Treating Large Craniofacial Bone Defects
T11 Jenny Jiang Systems immunology enabled immune engineering
T12 Lisa Manning Predicting the material properties of cell collectives
T13 Li Qian Reprogramming Approach for Heart Repair
T14 Eric Darling Proteomic Characterization of Cell Types, Subtypes, and Phenotypes
T15 Maribella Domenech Engineered Salivary Gland Tissue Chips
T16 Stephanie Fraley Engineering Cancer Cell Migration
T17 Donald Freytes Role of Inflammatory Cells During the Design of Tissue Engineered Constructs
T18 Jianping Fu Synthetic Human Embryo-like Structure: A New Paradigm for Human Embryology
T19 Jeffrey Ruberti Making Bones from Soup: Mechanochemical Force Structure Causality
in the Matrix
T20 Nikolai Slavov High-throughput single-cell proteomics quantifies the emergence of macrophage heterogeneity
T21 Wandaliz Torres-Garcia Multi-omics characterization of CAR-T cells through an integrative computational pipeline
T22 Peter Wang Engineering Controllable Immune Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy

Poster Abstracts
Poster No. Authors Title
Molecular, Genetic/Epigenetic Engineering
Favour Obuseh, Khan Osman and Jacquin Niles
Evaluating Bacterial Strains for Producing Difficult-to-Express Plasmodium Falciparum Proteins
Jai Rudra, Tara Clover, Conor O'Neill, Mark White, Akhilesh Gaharwar and Ammon Posey
Effects of Segmented Chirality on Peptide Self-Assembly: From Molecules to Materials
P3 Ting-Yen Wei and Warren Ruder
Exploring the Rules Governing Communication in Multicellular Systems using Cell-Free Synthetic Biology
Anna Kersey and Akhilesh Gaharwar
Noble Metal Mineral Ions Direct hMSCs Toward Osteogenic and Chondrogenic Lineages
P5 Anna Brokesh, Lauren Cross, Akhilesh Gaharwar and Irtisha Singh
Global Expression Profile of Human Stem Cells Treated with Bioresponsive Materials
P6 Noel Vera-Gonzalez and Anita Shukla
Fungal-enzyme triggered delivery of liposomal antifungals from hydrogels
P7 Carlos Agrinsoni Santiago and Heeralal Janwa
Gene Regulatory Network Analysis Using Topological and Spectral Methods and Their Efficient Implementations in SAGE and CYTHON:  GRNs NASA’s GLD in ISS BRIC and of Algae
P8 Xu Wang, Tzu-Ching Wu, Linlin Li, Bobby Madamanchi, Ye Bu and David Umulis
Quantitative imaging in zebrafish traces noise propagation in BMP signaling
P9 Kevin Kaufman-Ortiz and Wandaliz Torres-García
Selecting important variables using a novel thresholding approach for pan-cancer analysis
P10 Sofia Hernández Torres, Fardin Aryan, Skylar Kim and Eliezer Calo
Mutations of TCOF1 lead to abnormal condensate formation and Treacher Collins Syndrome
Cell Atlas
Chuangqi Wang, Hee June Choi, Lucy Woodbury and Kwonmoo Lee
Deep Learning-based Subcellular Phenotyping of Leading Edge Dynamics Reveals Fine Differential Drug Responses
P12 Saraswati Sridhar and Vidya Manian A versatile regression-based graph theoretical model of genomic and epigenomic regulation in colorectal cancer
P13 Harshini Gangapuram, Vidya Manian and Heeralal Janwa A Comparative Network-Based Analysis of Arabidopsis Thaliana Transcriptome Responses in Spaceflight Ecosystems in Low Gravity
P14 Jairo Orozco Sandoval, Vidya Manian and Heeralal Janwa Transcriptomic graph-based network analysis of Arabidopsis Thaliana roots in microgravity
P15 N Murat Karabacak, Nicolas Severe, Ulla Karin Gustafsson, Konstantinos Kokkaliaris, Mehmet Toner and David Scadden Atlas of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Across Diverse Stress States
P16 Kristen Fread, Amy Van Deusen, Corey Williams and Eli Zunder Cell Trajectory Mapping of Murine in vitro Neurogenesis by Single-cell Mass Cytometry and Comparison to in vivo Neural Development to Interrogate Distinct Neural Subtypes and Parallels in Cell Lineage Specification
Molecular Emerging Behavior
P17 Michael Behrens and Warren Ruder Exploring Multicellularity with Genetically Programmed Biorobots
P18 Jeremiah Zartman, Ramezan Paravitorghabeh, Nilay Kumar, Dharsan Soundarrajan, Francisco Huizar, Maria Unger, Qinfeng Wu and Vijay Velagala Mechanisms of cell-cell signal integration during epithelial morphogenesis
P19 David Umulis, Linlin Li and Xu Wang Evaluation of BMP-mediated patterning in zebrafish embryos using a 3D growing finite element embryo model
* P20 Patricia Ortiz-Bermudez and Maribella Domenech-Garcia Mining the cancer-microbiome interface for the development of a therapeutic intervention for triple-negative breast cancer
P21 Joseph Maggiore and Lance Davidson Initial Steps to Generating Organized Tissue Engineered Constructs
P22 Nadia Ayad, Jonathon Muncie, Johnathon Lakins and Valerie Weaver Mechanical signaling underlies self-organized regions of mesoderm differentiation in hESC colonies
P23 Kevin Chen and Stephanie Fraley Identifying Regulators of Cancer Heterogeneity With Phenotypic Sorting and Single Cell Sequencing
P24 Mei He 3D Biomimetic Tissue-Engineered Extracellular Vesicles For Elucidating in vivo Cellular Communications
P25 Haley Fuller, Emily Swist and Warren Ruder A Flow Profile Generator for Elucidating Fundamental Biomechanics
P26 Karin Wang Unjamming within epithelial spheroids to collectively migrate
P27 Victor Varner Epithelial buckling drives airway branching morphogenesis in the early embryonic lung
P28 Matthew Thompson, Caryl Young, Emma Roberts, Mitchell McMahon, Kess Turner, Alexandra Fister, Donna Fekete, Vidhya Munnamalai and David Umulis Decoding Morphogen Signaling in the Developing Organ of Corti
P29 Linlin Li, Xu Wang, Tzu-Ching Wu, Adrian Buganza-Tepole and David Umulis Integrating Dynamic Cell Imaging Data into Moving Mesh Finite Element Models of Developing Zebrafish Embryos
Engineering Cell-ECM Interactions
P30 Eric Horst, Caymen Novak and Geeta Mehta Ovarian Cancer Cells Under Shear Stress Increase Invasion, Proliferation, and Chemoresistance
P31 William Leineweber and Stephanie Fraley​ Quantifying heterogeneity of cell-ECM interactions through integrated biophysical analyses
P32 Yingchao Su and Donghui Zhu Engineering Micro-/Nano-topography on Bioresorbable Zinc Scaffolds for Regulating Cell Biocompatibility and Differentiation
P33 Feng Zhao, Dhavan Sharma, Wenkai Jia, Guifang Wang, Jianhua Zhang, Kai Wang, Yong Yang and Timothy Kamp Maturation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes on Anisotropic Cardiac Specific Extracellular Matrices
P34 Kai Wang, Kun Man and Yong Yang Dissecting Nanotopographical Regulation of Cell Behaviors
P35 Eva Gabriela Baylon and Tamara Alliston Age-Dependent Control of Osteocytic Cytoskeletal Tension
P36 Heizel Rosado-Galindo and Maribella Domenech Influence of Surface Topographical Cues in the Growth and Morphology of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
P37 Ana M Reyes-Ramos, Maribella Domenech and Sean Palecek Oriented Collagen Type I Fibrils as a Substrate for Cardiac Cell Manufacture
P38 Sue Kim and Sangyoon Han A Novel Particle Tracking Velocimetry for Measurement of Large Matrix Deformation by cell-matrix adhesions
P39 Nicole Perez-Salas, Ilona Kretzschmar, Madeline Torres-Lugo and Ubaldo Córdova-Figueroa
Synthesis and Dynamics of Biocompatible Au-SiO2 Janus Nanomotors for Medical Applications
P40 Said Cifuentes, Jorge Almodóvar and Maribella Domenech Impact of Heparin/Collagen Surface-Deposited Nanolayers on the Expansion and Immunophenotype of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
P41 Deborah Leckband, Vinh Vu, Brendan Sullivan, Zainab Rahil and Zainab Rahil Combinatorial Cadherin Switches Regulate Intercellular Force Transduction
P42 Ariana Joy DeCastro, Marina Pranda and Kimberly Stroka Tumor Cell Mechanosensing During Incorporation Into the Brain Microvascular Endothelium
P43 Merve Buluk, Jessica Frith and Justin Brown Bio-Instructive Nanofibers Regulate Cell Morphology and miR Expression Patterns
P44 Janny Pineiro-Llanes and Chelsey S. Simmons Cell Mechano-Sensing Influences Extracellular Matrix Assembly
P45 Coral A. Torres Sánchez and Maribella Domenech Effect of Collagen Matrix Architecture In M2 Macrophage Polarization For Cardiac Tissue Regeneration
P46 Kelsey Watts and Will Richardson Cyclic Immunofluorescence to Identify Mechanotransduction Pathway Interactions in Individual Cardiac Fibroblasts
P47 Suzanne Stasiak, Ryan Jamieson and Harikrishnan Parameswaran Agonist Sensing by Committee: How Matrix Mediated Mechanical Signaling Enables Smooth Muscle cells to Sense Contractile Agonist
P48 Rocio Del Mar Arroyo Guzman and Maribella Domenech Impact of PDMS and miniaturized culture in the potency of MSCs
Engineering Cell/Tissue Models
P49 Isamar Pastrana-Otero, Aidan Brougham-Cook, Gregory Underhill and Mary Kraft Identifying the state of differentiation of liver progenitor cells mediated by TGF1 on cellular microarrays with Raman spectroscopy and multivariate analysis
P50 Andrew Hudson, Daniel Shiwarski, Joshua Tashman and Adam Feinberg Engineering In Vitro Vascularized Tissues Using FRESH 3D Bioprinted Collagen Scaffolds
P51 Alexander Loiben, Kun Ho Kim, Sharon Baumgarten-Soueid, Victor Aguilar, Jonathan Chin Cheong, Ruth Kopyto, Paula Fraczek, Ishita Jain, Gregory Underhill and Benjamin Cosgrove Engineering combinatorial biomimetic environments to control muscle stem cell expansion and phenotype
P52 Elvira Vitu Conditional Activation of Gene Circuits based on Cell State via Embedded Genomic Tags
P53 Lysmarie Figueroa, Marshall Walters and Kristyn Masters Disease-Inspired Tissue Engineered Valves to Study Sex Bias in CAVD Progression
P54 Akshay Narkhede, James Crenshaw and Shreyas Rao An in vitro biomimetic model of dormancy in brain metastatic breast cancer cells
P55 Mary Doolin and Kimberly Stroka Lung Fibroblast to Myofibroblast Transition is Cell Density Dependent
P56 Xiaohua Liu Control of Single Odontoblast Polarization in a Bio-inspired 3D Platform
P57 Chang Liu and Michael Mak Modulating the physical landscape of the tumor microenvironment and its influences on breast cancer cell migration
P58 Sean Kitayama and Lydia Sohn Development of an In Vitro Lung Microenvironment Model for the Investigation of Extracellular Vesicle Preparation of the Pre-Metastatic Niche
P59 Alessandro Pirosa, Peter Alexader, Dario Puppi, Federica Chiellini, Rocky Tuan and Riccardo Gottardi An In Vitro Chondro-Osteo-Vascular Triphasic Model Of The Osteochondral Complex
P60 Neda Dadgar, Alan M. Gonzalez-Suarez, Pouria Fattahi, Alexander Revzin and Gulnaz Stybayeva Microfluidic Organoid Cultures for Personalized Treatment of Cancer
P61 Christian Griffith and William Polacheck Control of Vascular Barrier Function through Endothelial Mechanotransduction
P62 Yifan Xia, Eric Luu, Yunfei Li, Guangyao Huang, Yan Yun, Bin Xu, Kam Leong and Bingmei Fu Characterization of the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Deficits in Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells Differentiated from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from  the Patients with DiGeorge Syndrome
P63 Samantha Zambuto, Ishita Jain, Gregory Underhill, Kathryn Clancy and Brendan Harley 3D Gelatin Hydrogels for Modeling the Endometrium and Trophoblast Invasion
P64 Aidan Gilchrist, Julio Serrano, Michael Hunckler, Andres Garcia and Brendan Harley Modulating soluble factors in the design of an artificial hematopoietic stem cell niche
P65 Xiaoping Bao Optogenetic Control of Wnt Signaling in hPSCs for Early Embryogenic and Cardiac Patterning
P66 Tabatha Polk, Sarah Schmitt, Jessica Aldrich and David Long Impact of Fluid Shear Stress on the Morphology of Dermal Endothelial Cells
P67 Lauren Gapinske, Eunkyung Ko, Juanita Matthews, Michael Levin and Rashid Bashir Effect of Connexin Gap Junction Expression on Skeletal Muscle Function
P68 S. Gulberk Ozcebe, Gokhan Bahcecioglu, Xiaoshan S. Yue and Pinar Zorlutuna Age-Associated Changes of Heart ECM Alters Senescence, Cardiac Function and Stress Response of hiPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes
P69 Gelson Pagan-Diaz, Karla Ramos-Cruz, Richard Sam, Mikhail Kandel, Onur Aydin, M Taher A Saif, Gabriel Popescu and Rashid Bashir Engineering BRaNEs: geometrical, untethered, in-vitro BiohybRid Nerve tissuEs
P70 Manuel Quinones Perez, Ruben Cieza and Maribella Domenech Suitability Characterization of PDMS-PEO-SA to Replace PDMS in Culture Devices for Assays Using Small Hydrophobic Molecules
P71 Jan P. Rios-Grant, Ana M. Reyes-Ramos, Karla P. Ramos-Cruz, Nelson D. Franqui-Ríos, Michelle M. Martínez-Montemayor and Maribella Domenech Hedgehog-driven Tumorigenicity is Regulated by Tumor-Fibroblast Proximity in Triple Negative Breast Tumor Cell
P72 Jennifer Ortiz Cardenas, Jonathan Zatorski, Alyssa Montalbine and Rebecca Pompano Building spatially organized tissue mimics with freestanding patterned 3D cultures on a microfluidic chip
P73 Pradip Shahi Thakuri, Sunil Singh, Ramila Joshi, Eric Glasgow, Seema Agarwal, Gary Luker and Hossein Tavana Phytochemicals Inhibit Migration of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells by Targeting Kinase Signaling
P74 Brian Aufderheide, Sebastian Yakisich, Lexi Crowell and Tayloria Adams A Novel 3-D Model for Tumor Cells Growth and Plasticity
Engineering Immune System
P75 Natalia Ortiz Rivera and Wandaliz Torres García CAR T Cells Gene Expression Post Cancer Cell Contact
P76 Woo Lee, Chao Sui and Jenny Zilberberg Trafficking of Memory T Cells through Bone Marrow Sinusoidal Niche on a Chip
P77 Shakira Crespo-Arocho and Maribella Domenech Effect of the cIO-CMDx nanoparticles in the cytokine’s expression of macrophages
P78 Yadiel Varela-Soler, Luis R. Millán-Barea and Michael T. Hemann Studying the Role of IL-6 in Melanoma Treatment
P79 Frank Urena and Peter Hoffmann Kennedy pathway regulation by miR-16-1/15a cluster family
P80 Valerie Odeh Couvertier, Wandaliz Torres García, Nathan Dwarshius, Krishnendu Roy, Danning Huang, Facundo Fernandez, Maxwell Colonna, Arthur Edison and Theresa Kotanchek Computational Modeling using Multi-omics to Extract Early Predictive Signatures of T-cells Quality
Engineered Tissues/Organs and that Path to Translation
P81 Ngan Huang, Karina Nakayama, Cynthia Alcazar, Caroline Hu and Thomas Rando Transplantation of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Laden Scaffolds Combined With Rehabilitative Exercise Promotes Regeneration in a Muscle Injury Preclinical Model
P82 Arghya Paul Developing a Flow based High-Throughput Platform for Rapid and Efficient Stem Cell Banking
P83 Minglin Ma Engineering transferrable microvascular meshes  for subcutaneous islet transplantation
P84 Lexi Crowell, Juan Sebastian Yakisich, Brian Aufderheide and Tayloria Adams Examining the plasticity of cancer cells using an Impedance-based microfluidic device
P85 Darshi Shah, Varnica Bajaj, Dr. Carmen Escobedo Lucea, Dr. Andreas Sanz Garcia and Dr. Christopher Chen Dynamic Flow Biomimetic Vascularized Fat-on-a-Chip Model to Study Early Stages of Obesity
P86 Tsz Lo Development of a novel screening platform for identifying genetic pathways regulating axon regeneration
P87 Eric James and Ruth Washington Development of Compartmentalized miRNA Induced Complex Tissue Formation for Craniofacial Regeneration
P88 Alexander Loiben, Kun Ho Kim, Sharon Baumgarten-Soueid, Victor Aguilar, Jonathan Chin Cheong, Ruth Kopyto, Paula Fraczek, Rahul Mangal, Lynden Archer and Benjamin Cosgrove Long-term, clinical-scale skeletal muscle stem cell expansion in an engineered combinatorial synthetic hydrogel environment
P89 Sayani Majumdar, Isamar Pastrana-Otero, Aidan Gilchrist, Brendan A.C. Harley and Mary Kraft Monitoring fate specification of hematopoietic stem cells on niche-mimetic platforms using Raman microspectroscopy
P90 Yareni P Lara-Rodríguez, Paul Sundaram and Nanette Diffoot Collagen Type I Synthesis Via Mechanical Stimulus Towards Wound Healing Acceleration
P91 Cong Li and Bradley Berron Patterning decellularized cardiac ECM with photo-activated biotin enables dense, site-specific cellular incorporation
P92 Sunil Singh, Lucille Ray, Pradip Shahi Thakuri, Sydnie Tran, Michael Konopka, Gary Luker and Hossein Tavana Organotypic Breast Tumor Model Elucidates Dynamic Remodeling of Tumor Microenvironment
P93 Ambika Bajpayee Bio-electroceuticals: Electrically Charged Biomaterials for Drug Delivery and Imaging
P94 Kariman Shama, Chinwendu Chukwu and Anushka Chakraborty Developing a Synthetic Hydrogel for Breast Tissue Engineering