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Talk No. Authors Title
Keynote Speakers
T1 Andres Garcia Synthetic Extracellular Matrices for Organoid Technologies
T2 Katherina Ribbeck Finding a Niche: Microbial Colonization of Host Mucosal Barriers
T3 Tatiana Segura Engineering therapeutic angiogenic materials for brain repair
T4 Jennifer Linderman Can Computational Biologists Treat Tuberculosis?
T5 Doug DeSimone  Coordination of Collective Cell Movements at Gastrulation is Responsive to Changes in Mechanical Environment
T6 Andrew Ewald The role of cell adhesion and basal epithelial gene expression in breast cancer metastasis
T7 Linda Griffith Multi-MPS Interactions for Chronic Inflammatory Disease: A scaling challenge
Invited Speakers
T8 Claudia Fischbach-Teschl Biomineralized ECM: Engineering considerations for studies of breast cancer bone metastasis
T9 Anjelica Gonzalez Engineering a Microenvironment of Microvascular Inflammatory and Fibrotic Disease
T10 Rohit Pappu Deciphering sequence-to-phase behavior relationships of intrinsically disordered proteins
T11 Clifford Brangwynne Controlling biomolecular phase transitions with light
T12 Sanjay Kumar Probing the mechanobiology of glioblastoma with engineered culture models
T13 Ed Botch Re-educating the post-injury microenvironment to induce tolerogenic dendritic cell subsets and pro-regenerative macrophages
T14 Marcus Covert A multi-scale, integrated approach to understanding infection
T15 Kathryn Miller-Jensen Dissecting macrophage regulation and functions with single-cell secretion profiling
T16 Deborah Yelon Abstract coming soon
T17 Jianping Fu Synthetic human embryo-like structures: A new paradigm for human embryology
T18 Zev Gartner Building tissues to understand how tissues build themselves
T19 Sarah Heilshorn Adaptable hydrogels with secondary reinforcement for organoid culture
T20 Ali Khademhosseini Emerging Organ Models and Organ Printing for Regenerative Medicine
T21 Joanna Burdette Reproductive tract engineered on a chip
Rising Star Awards
T22 Ovijit Chaudhuri Mechanical plasticity of the extracellular matrix regulates cancer cell migration through confining microenvironments
T23 Mayra Celene Cortez Alcaraz, Chawon Yun, Guillermo Ameer, Erin Hsu and Jonathan Rivnay Conducting polymer-based hydrogel composites for bone regenerative engineering
T24 Michael Mitchell Disrupting Physical Interactions Between Multiple Myeloma and the Bone Marrow Niche In Vivo via Nanoparticle-Mediated RNAi
T25 Yuqi Tan, Rachel Gleyzer, Emily Su and Patrick Cahan Quantifying identity at a single cell resolution for applications to cell fate engineering
T26 Daniel Corbett and Kelly Stevens Thermofluidics for spatial control of gene activation
T27 Sangjo Shim, Alexandra Harris, Jennifer Munson and Rebecca Pompano Modeling tumor immunity with a two-tissue microfluidic recirculating co-culture system
Shooting Star Awards
T28 Bo Ri Seo, Christopher Payne, Brian Kwee, Benjamin Freedman, David Mooney, Stephanie McNamara and Conor Walsh Immmuno-regulatory roles of cyclic loading that promotes skeletal muscle regeneration
T29 Jesse Placone, Matthew Ondeck, Aditya Kumar, Christopher Plunkett, Bibiana Matte, Kirsten Wong, Laurent Fattet, Jing Yang and Adam Engler Dynamic Stiffening Promotes Malignant Transformation in Conjunction with Paracrine Signaling
T30 Annie Bowles, Diego Correa and Ashutosh Agarwal Modeling Transplantation Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Pancreatic Islet Constructs to Improve Type I Diabetic Patient Outcomes
T31 Mk Sewell-Loftin, Priscilla Y. Hwang, Joshua B. Katz, Steven C. George and Gregory D. Longmore Vascularized Microtissue Models for Investigating Mechanical Signaling
T32 Davi M. Lyra-Leite, Allen M. Andres, Andrew P. Petersen, Nethika R. Ariyasinghe, Nathan Cho, Suyon Sarah Kim, Roberta A. Gottlieb and Megan L. McCain Regulation of Mitochondrial Function in Cardiac Myocytes by the Extracellular Matrix
T33 Michael Duffy, Mckenzie Sup and Christopher Jacobs The primary cilium contributes to mechanically induced changes in actin organization and TAZ translocation
T34 Christopher Davidson, William Wang and Brendon Baker Cell-mediated matrix recruitment underlies endothelial cell network formation
T35 Andrew LaCroix, Andrew Lynch, Matthew Berginski and Brenton Hoffman Tunable Molecular Tension Sensors Reveal Extension-based Control of Vinculin Loading
T36 Ruoxing Lei, Jessica Lee, Matthew Francis and Sanjay Kumar Structural Regulation of a Neurofilament-inspired Intrinsically Disordered Protein Brush by Multisite Phosphorylation
T37 Stephanie Seidlits, Weikun Xiao, Alireza Sohrabi, Shanshan Wang, Rongyu Zhang, Qi Yu, Sihan Liu, Arshia Ehsanipour, Jesse Liang and David Nathanson Modeling Treatment Resistance and Invasion in Glioblastoma using Biomaterials
Selected Abstracts 
T38 Madison Temples, Isaac Adjei, Julie Djeu and Blanka Sharma 3-D Tumor Microenvironments for Interrogating Natural Killer Cell-Cancer Cell Interactions 
T39 Jonathan Garcia, Sarah Basehore, Swathi Swaminathan and Alisa Clyne Integrated computational and experimental approaches in vascular glucose metabolism
T40 Megan McClean, Keiran Sweeney, Neydis Moreno Morales and Cameron Stewart A yeast optogenetic toolkit for control of intra- and intercellular signaling
T41 Devon Mason, Joseph Collins, Chrstopher Kegelman and Joel Boerckel Transcriptional feedback control of cell motility & morphogenesis
T42 Aijun Wang Engineering the Fetal Environment with Stem Cells to Treat Birth Defects Before Birth
T43 Nicholas Glass, Minoru Takasato, Pei Xuan Er, Drew Titmarsh, Alejandro Hidalgo, Ernst Wolvetang, Melissa Little and Justin Cooper-White High Throughput Optimisation of Renal Lineage Patterning and Kidney Organoid Formation from Human Pluripotent Cells 
T44 Plansky Hoang, Jeffrey Amack and Zhen Ma Engineering Spatial-Patterned Cardiac Organoids for Human Embryotoxicity Testing

Poster Abstracts
Poster No. Authors Title
P1 Kavya Anjur1, Eric Roth2, Vinayak P. Dravid, Ph.D3 Optimizing Freezing and Etching Parameters of CryoSEM Analysis of Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications
P2 Hadi Hezaveh1,2, Luis Malaver, Steffen Cosson, Ellen Otte, Guannan Su, Justin Cooper-White1,2,3 Encoding cellular ECM microenvironments with dynamically remodelling synthetic hydrogels
P3 Leila Daneshmandi1, 2, Cato T. Laurencin1,2,3 PLGA/CaOMatrices for Enhanced Bone Regeneration In Vivo
P4 Luo Gu1,2, Alex Najibi2, Maxence Dellacherie2, Ting-Yu Shih2, Aileen Li2, and David Mooney2 Biomaterial Immune Niches for Generating Strong and Persistent Humoral Immune Responses
P5 Wei Li Nanostructured Biodegradable multilayered films for cell isolation and recovery
P6 Kathleen L. Miller1#, Claire Yu, Ph.D.1#, Jacob Schimelman1, Shaochen Chen, Ph.D.1 Rapid 3D Bioprinting of Gelatin Hydrogels via Click Chemistry
P7 Settimio Pacelli, Ph.D.1, Kyle Rampetsreiter1, Saman Modaresi1, Siddharth Subham1, Aparna R.
Chakravarti, Stefan Lohfeld, Ph.D.
2, Michael S. Detamore, Ph.D.3, Arghya Paul, Ph.D.1
Double crosslinked interpenetrating polymeric network hydrogel treated with polydopamine to modulate adipose stem cell osteogenic differentiation
P8 Courtney Gegg1, Xinming Tong2, Fan Yang1,2 Microribbon-based Hydrogels with Tunable Compositions as 3D Stem Cell Niche Restored Cartilage Mechanical Strength
P9 Abdolrasol Rahimi, M.S.1, Kara Tsuzaki, M.S.1, Logan Verheyen1, Scott Sell, Ph.D1 Natasha
Case, Ph.D
Enhancing Collagen Deposition in Electrospun Silk Scaffolds
by a Macromolecular Crowding Approach
P10 Cody Crosby, M.S.E.1, Deepti Valliappan1, David Shu1, Chengyi Tu, Ph.D1, Janet Zoldan, Ph.D1 Cell-Matrix Interactions Regulate the Vasculogenic Potential of iPSC Derived Endothelial Progenitors in Collagen Hydrogels
P11 Aidan Gilchrist1, Brendan Harley1 MSC-secreted factors within a gelatin-based bone marrow mimetic
P12 Karina H. Nakayama, PhD1,2,3, Cynthia Alcazar, BS1, Marco Quarta, PhD 1,4, Thomas A. Rando,
MD, PhD,
1,4, Ngan F. Huang1,2,3
Transplantation of Spatially Patterned Nanofibrillar Scaffolds and Rehabilitative Exercise Enhance Vascularization and Innervation Following Volumetric Muscle Loss
P13 Adam Jorgensen1, Zack Chou2, Shay Soker1, Anthony Atala1 Decellularized Human Skin-Derived ECM Improves Fibroblast Proliferation and Viability in 3D Fibrin Hydrogel Constructs
P14 Kristopher E. Kubow, Ph.D., Michael Pamonag, Nojan Jafari, Dominic J. Sales, Victoria D.
Shuklis, Abigail Hinson, and Elisha Burton
Ability of individual cells to remodel substrate fibers guides protrusion direction, cell polarization, and migration persistence
P15 Martin T. Spang, M.S.1, Gerardo Sandoval1, Tori S. Lazerson1, Colin Luo1, Kent Osborn, D.V.M, Ph.D.1,
Pedro Cabrales, Ph.D.
1, Francisco Contijoch, Ph.D.1, Ryan R. Reeves, M.D.1, Anthony N. DeMaria,
1, Karen L. Christman, Ph.D.1
A pro-regenerative extracellular matrix hydrogel therapy for acute myocardial infarction
P16 Alice E. Stanton,1 Xinming Tong,2 and Fan Yang1,2 Elucidating the Effects of Varying Ligand Type on Mechanotransduction of Mesenchymal Stem Cells using Hydrogels with Enhanced Conjugation Efficiency
P17 Weikun Xiao, Alireza Sohrabi, Arshia Ehsanipour, Jesse Liang, and Stephanie K. Seidlits Brain-mimetic Hydrogel Platform to Study Glioblastoma Oncology
P18 Janet Zoldan Matrix Anisotropy in Cardiac Differentiation and Cell Sheeting
P19 Jessica Aldrich1, David Long, Ph.D.1 Effects of Fluid Shear Stress on Chromatin Organization
* P20 Salma Ayoub, Ph.D. 1, Jordan Graves1, Chung-Hao Lee, Ph.D. 2, Michael S. Sacks, Ph.D.1 A Physiologically-Driven Biaxial Bioreactor System to Investigate Valve Interstitial CellPhenotypic State after Surgical Repair
P21 William Bachman and David S. Long, PhD. Modeling Framework to Quantify the Force Transmission in Endothelial CellClusters: A Cluster-Specific Model and Virtual Multi-Cell Model
P22 Pranjali Beri1, Anna Popravko1, Alyssa Chiang1, Jesse Placone1, Afsheen Banisadr2, Adam Engler1 Metastatic Potential of Breast Cancer Cells is Indicated by Adhesion Strength
P23 Christina Conrad1, Kelsey M. Gray1, Kimberly M. Stroka, Ph.D.1,Imran Rizvi, Ph.D.2, Giuliano Scarcelli, Ph.D.1 Mechanical Characterization of 3D Ovarian Cancer Tumor Nodules using Brillouin Confocal Microscopy
P24 Yuntao Xia1,2, Irena Ivanovska1,2 and Dennis E. Discher1-2 Nuclear rupture at sites of high curvature compromises retention of DNA repair factors
P25 S. Omid Komari, Ph.D.1, Ryan M. Musselman1, Adam P. Klausner, M.D. 1,John E. Speich, Ph.D.1 Actin-Myosin Interaction Model for Length Adaptation in Bladder Smooth Muscle
P26 Stephen Lenzini, M.S., Jae-Won Shin, PhD Biophysical interactions regulate extracellular vesicle prod
P27 1,2,4,5 Deborah Leckband, Ph.D., 2Zainab Rahil, Ph.D., 4Vinh Vu, 3Ellen Qin, 1,5Hyun-Joon
Kong, Ph.D.
Is Intercellular Force Transduction a Combinatorial Switch?
P28 Xinyu Kong 1, Arkaprava Dan, Ph.D.2, Deborah Leckband, Ph.D.1,2 Mechanisms Regulating Endothelial Barrier Permeability During Cyclic Stretch
P29 Saman Modaresi 1, Settimio Pacelli1, Jonathan Whitlow1, Arghya Paul1 Investigating the Role of Substrate Stiffness on Stem Cell Transfection Using LipidBased Nanocarriers to Deliver Angiogenic genes
P30 Pankaj Mogha*2, Ankita Srivastava*1, Sreya Das1, Sushant Kumar1, Sanjay Kureel2, Alka Dwivedi1, Atharva Karulkar1, Ankit Gupta3 , Chitra Nayak3,
Abhijit Majumder
#2, Rahul Purwar#1
Soft substrate boosts proliferative potential and maintains keratinocytes
functionality during
in-vitro expansion compared to plastic.
P31 Sara Hopper2, Kayla Barton1, Tayler Laycox1, Ella Bonfield1, Jason W. Nichol PhD1,2 Elucidating response to changes in mechanical environment in stem and cancer cells
P32 Thomas Petet1, Halston Deal1, Arianna DeCastro1, Christina Tang, Ph.D1, Seth Weinberg,
1, Christopher Lemmon, Ph.D.1
Substrate Viscosity Dictates Cellular Response
P33 Ramesh Koirala 1,2, Andrew V. Priest 1.2, Sanjeevi Sivasankar 1 Mechanosensitive cadherin adhesion and its regulation
P34 Omer Shafraz 1,2, Matthias Rübsam 3, Sara N. Stahley 4, Amber Caldara 4, Andrew P. Kowalczyk 4,
Carien M. Niessen
3, Sanjeevi Sivasankar 1.2
E-cadherin Binds to Desmoglein to Facilitate Desmosome Assembly
P35 Catalina-Paula Spatarelu1*, Dung Trung Nguyen1,2*, Calin Mocanu3, Zi Chen1 Modelling Cell Monolayers During Jamming/Unjamming Events
P36 Robert Tranquillo, Victor Lai, Victor Barocas, Rohit Dhume and Lauren Bersie A Computational Microstructural Model of Cell Contact Guidance in Aligned Fibril Networks
P37 Kai Wang1, Lin Shi2, Yong Yang1* Time-Stiffness Superposition of Carbon Nanotubes-induced Fibrogenesis
P38 Yi-Ting Yeh1,2, Danielle E. Skinner3, Brian M. Suzuki3, Shun Zhang1, Youjeong Na3, James H. McKerrow3, Juan C. del Alamo1,2 * and Conor R. Caffrey3 * Biomechanical interactions of Schistosoma mansoni eggs with vascular endothelial cells
P39 Kavya Anjur 1 , Lakshmi Rajagopal, Ph.D. 2 , Herbert Y. Meltzer, Ph.D 3 Pharmacological Effects of Clozapine on GABAergic Systems and Related Secondary Structural Changes in 5-HT 2C R, of Significance to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia
P40 Jenette G. Creso1, Jeffrey R. Moore2 & Stuart G. Campbell1 Evaluating Pathogenicity of Cardiac Thin Filament Proteins Using Adenoviral Transduction of Engineered Heart Tissue
P41 Aditya Kumar1, Stephanie Thomas1, Kirsten Wong1, Valentina Lo Sardo2, Daniel Cheah1, Yang-Hsun Hou1, Jesse Placone1, Kevin Tenerelli1, William Ferguson2, Ali Torkamani2,3, Eric Topol3, Kristin Baldwin2, Adam Engler1,4 Non-Coding Genomic Regulation Identified in Human Cardiomyocytes
P42 J.A. Garcia, D. Ramos-Pérez, D.F. Vázquez, D.L. Alejandro, D. Carballo-Rodríguez, B.A. Irizarry, and M.J. Bayro HIV-1 Gag Protein Nanoparticle Systems: Assembly and Viral Inhibition Strategies
P43 Daniel P. Howsmon, Ph.D.1 and Michael S. Sacks, Ph.D1 Mathematical Modeling of Cellular Networks Regulating Extracellular Matrix Synthesis and Actin Dynamics in Valvular Interstitial Cells
P44 Ziliang Huang1, Yiqian, Wu1, Molly Allen1, Yijia Pan1, Phillip Kyriakakis1, Shaoying Lu1, Ya-Ju Chang1, Xin Wang1, Shu Chien1,2, and Yingxiao Wang1,2* A light-inducible gene activation system toward controllable cell-based therapeutics
P45 1Swatabdi R. Kamal, 1Shreya Potukutchi, 1Maxwell T. Laws, 2 Ana DeCarvalho, Ph.D., and 1Juri G. Gelovani, M.D., Ph.D. HDAC4 as target for epigenetic imaging and therapy of glioblastomas.
P46 Woo Lee, Ph.D.and Jenny Zilberberg, Ph.D.2 Engineered Bone Niche of Incurable Cancers
P47 Quang Long Pham, Ph.D.1, Lydia N. Rodrigues,1 Max A. Maximov,1 Vishnu Deep Chandran,Cheng Bi,1 David Chege,2 Timothy Dijamco,3 Elisabeth Stein,1 Nhat Anh Nguyen Tong,1 Sagnik Basuray, Ph.D.1, and Roman S. Voronov, Ph.D.1 Image-Based Modeling of Fibroblasts Modifying PDGF-BB Gradient Explains Cells’ Alternated Directional Decision during Chemotaxis in a Microfluidic Maze
P48 Quang Long Pham, Ph.D.1, Lydia N. Rodrigues,1 Max A. Maximov,1 Vishnu Deep Chandran,Cheng Bi,1 David Chege,2 Timothy Dijamco,3 Elisabeth Stein,1 Nhat Anh Nguyen Tong,1 Sagnik Basuray, Ph.D.1, and Roman S. Voronov, Ph.D.1 Cell Sequence and Mitosis Affect Fibroblast Directional Decision-Making during Chemotaxis in Tissue-mimicking Microfluidic Mazes
P49 Virali Parekh1, Roshan Thakuri1, Janelle Fried2, Erica Everson1, Kyden DeGross1, Ary Marsee3, Mark Novak, Ph.D.1, Richard Sinden, Ph.D.1 Targeted Deletion of Expanded (GAA)n Repeats in Friedreich Ataxia using Triplex DNA Binding Agents
P50 Aparna R. Chakravarti1, Settimio Pacelli, Ph.D.1, Perwez Alam, Ph.D. 2, Samik Bagchi, Ph.D.3, Saman Modaresi1, Andras Czirok, Ph.D. 4, Rafeeq P.H. Ahmed, Ph.D. 2, Arghya Paul, Ph.D. *1 Fabrication of a biomimetic environment to pre-condition stem cells for enhanced cardiac tissue repair
P51 Nathan Cho1, Megan L. Rexius-Hall, Ph.D.1, Joycelyn K. Yip1, Megan L. McCain, Ph.D1 Engineering Spatial Alignment of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Promote Cardiac Myocyte Differentiation
P52 Taekyung Lee, M.S.1, Sungki Min, Ph.D.2, Junghwa Hong, Ph.D.1 Endogenous Electricity on Trabecular Surface of Intertrabecular Pore, in situ MSC Niche
P53 Ruoxing Lei1,2, Kelly C. Y. Wong2, Kayla Wolf2,3, Sanjay Kumar, M.D., Ph.D.2,3,4 A High-throughput Hydrogel Array Platform for Investigating Stem Cell Mechanobiology
P54 Yuguo Lei, Ph.D.1, Qiang Li, M.S.1, Haishuang Lin, Ph.D1 Scalable and Physiologically Relevant Microenvironments for Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Expansion and Differentiation
P55 Rita Matta, M.S. *1, Seyong Lee, Ph.D. *2,3, Jean-Leon Thomas, Ph.D. 2,3,4, and Anjelica L. Gonzalez, Ph.D.1 Minimally Invasive Delivery of Microbeads with Encapsulated, Viable and Quiescent Neural Stem Cells to the Adult Subventricular Zone
P56 Kaivalya Molugu1,2, Ty Harkness1,3, Jared Carlson-Stevermer1,3, Tiffany Heaster1,3, Ryan Prestil1, Stephanie Seymour1, Gavin Knight1,3, Randolph Ashton1,3, Melissa Skala1,2,3, Krishanu Saha1,2,3 Micropatterned substrates for dissecting heterogeneity in reprogramming human somatic cells
P57 Brett N. Napiwocki, M.S., Di Lang, Ph.D., Ravi Vaidyanathan, Ph.D., Jianhua Zhang, Ph.D.,
Ph.D., Jonathan C. Makielski, M.D., Lee Eckhardt, M.D., Alexey Glukhov, Ph.D., Timothy J. Kamp, M.D., Ph.D., Wendy C. Crone, Ph.D.
Anisotropic Cardiac Tissues Inspired by the Myocardial Microenvironment
P58 Olivia J. Scheideler1, David V. Schaffer, Ph.D.1, Lydia L. Sohn, Ph.D.1 A High-Throughput Approach for Assembling Multiplexed DNA Patterns to Recapitulate Niche Signaling Interactions with Spatiotemporal Control
P59 Hao Zhou1, Lisa Nguyen, Ph.D.2, Cosimo Arnesano, Ph.D.3,4, Yuta Ando1, Scott Fraser, Ph.D.1,2,3,4, Rong Lu, Ph.D.1,2,5, Keyue Shen, Ph.D.1,2,5 Distinguishing Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells with NADH Profiles
P60 Alana Stempien1, Jonathan J. Hernandez 2, Jacob Notbohm1, Wendy C. Crone1 Evaluating Structure and Mechanical Function in CPVT Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes
P61 Bailey Winter, Sam Daniels, Joseph Salatino, Kylie Smith, Steve Suhr and Erin Purcell Direct conversion of astrocytes into functional neurons using Ascl1 and Dlx2
P62 Stephanie I. Fraley, Ph.D 3D confinement regulates cell adhesion, metabolic stress, and collective morphogenesis
P63 Rachel M Gilbert, Jason P. Gleghorn Embryonic lung mesothelium regulates of airway branching morphogenesis via tissue crosstalk
P64 Brielle Hayward-Piatkovskyi1, Jasmine Shirazi2, Saurabh Modi2, Sienna C. Pyle2, Jason P. Gleghorn1,2 Pulmonary vascular morphogenesis is dependent on sex-based differences
P65 Sarah Grundeen1, Luke Theogarajan, Ph.D.1, Adele Doyle, Ph.D.1 Exploiting surface acoustic waves to study development of stem cell-derived motor neurons
P66 Kavya Anjur1, Peter Andersen, Ph.D.2, Chulan Kwon, Ph.D2 Heart fields are induced by coordinated activities of Wnt/Bmp signals in
pre-cardiac organoids
P67 Alyssa Fasciano1, Shumin Tan, Ph.D.2, and Joan Mecsas, Ph.D.1,2 Investigating host-pathogen interactions of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in the intestine using ileum enteroid-derived monolayers
P68 LeeAnn Li1,2, Danny Wen-Chin Huang1, Xili Ding1, Yuan-Yu Hsueh1, Song Li1 Engineering Stem Cell Spheroids to Rescue Muscular Denervation Atrophy
P69 Jiwon Kim, M.S.1, Youngbin Cho, M.S.1, Unghyun Ko, Ph.D.1Jennifer H. Shin, Ph.D.1 Evaluation of spheroidal cancer models based on invasion phenotype
P70 Alireza Sohrabi1, Weikun Xiao1, Jesse Liang1, Arshia Ehsanipour1, Deepthi Muthukrishnan2, Harley Kornblum2,3,4,5, Stephanie Seidlits1,3,4,5 Role of Tumor Microenvironment Biophysical Properties on Glioblastoma Progression
P71 Hesam Babahosseini, Ph.D.1,2, Tom Misteli, Ph.D.1, Don L. DeVoe, Ph.D2 On-chip High-throughput Droplet Generation, Storage, and Retrieval
P72 Geneva R. Doak, B.S., Kathryn L. Schwertfeger, Ph.D., David K. Wood, Ph.D. Microfluidic Model to Investigate Macrophage Roles in Breast Cancer Cell Extravastion
P73 Drew Glaser1, Natalie Ng2, Leif Anderson1, Aravind Anand1, Alyssa Deely1, Priscilla Hwang3, Nuala Del Piccolo1, Venktesh Shirure1, Daniel Link3, Katherine Weilbaecher3, Steven George1 A Microfluidic Approach to Create Endosteal and Perivascular Bone Marrow Niches
P74 Matthew Ishahak, MS1, Jordan Hill1, Victoria Graham, BS1, Alexis Sloan, Ph.D. 1, Alessia Fornoni, M.D., Ph.D.1, Ashutosh Agarwal, Ph.D.1 Engineering a Micropysiological Model of the Glomerulus
P75 WonJin Kim1, JaeYoon Lee1, Miji Yeo1, JiUn Lee1, HaeRi Kim1, JuYeon Kim1 and Geun Hyung Kim1* 3D cell-laden collagen intestinal model mimicking intestinal villus epithelium and capillary network for intestine-on-a-chip
P76 JiUn Lee1, WonJin Kim1, Minseong Kim1, Gi Hoon Yang1, YoungWon Koo1, YoungEun Choe1, Soo Jung
1, GeunHyung Kim1*
Development of a new 3D printing process to fabricate ECM mimic
3D fibrous collagen scaffold and bone model for organ-on-a-chip
P77 Shiny Rajan1,2, Andrea Mazzocchi1,2, Konstantinos Votanopoulos3,4, Aleksandar Skardal1,2,4, and Adam Hall1,2,4 Tumor-on-a-chip microfluidic devices for personalized cancer drug testing
P78 Shiny Rajan1, 2, Sean Murphy1, 2, and Adam Hall1, 2, 3 An adhesive film-based lung-on-a-chip system to test environmental pollutants and drugs
P79 Whitney Sinclair1, Cathy Murphy, Ph.D.2, Deborah Leckband, Ph.D.1,2,3, Paul Kenis, Ph.D.1,3 Efficient Fabrication of Lung-on-a-Chip Device with in situ Imaging Capability
P80 Armin Tahmasbi Rad1,2, Wafa Aresh, Ph.D. 1, Mu-Ping Nieh, Ph.D.1,2,3 A Tumor-on-a-Chip Strategy to Examine the Impact of the Design of Lipid Nanoparticles on their Transportation into 3D Ovarian Tumor
P81 Gulistan Tansik, Ph.D.1,2,3, Ahmad Alassaf1, Diana Velluto, Ph.D.4, Rajeev Prabhakar, Ph.D.5, Ashutosh Agarwal, Ph.D.1,2,3,4 Cardiac Amyloidosis on a Chip
P82 Joycelyn K. Yip1, Michael Harrison, PhD2, Ching-Ling (Ellen) Lien, PhD1,2, Megan L. McCain, PhD1 Fluidic Device for Long-Term Culture and Imaging of Explanted Zebrafish Hearts