Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

To maintain its multidisciplinary character and central research focus, the Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Special Interest Group (CMBE-SIG) is committed to recruiting new people, new ideas, and new activities.

The CMBE-SIG brings together researchers with diverse backgrounds in scientific and clinical interests with a common goal of understanding how physical forces control biological processes and a desire to improve the practice of medicine, human and veterinary, through the results of their research.

All BMES members are welcome to join the CMBE SIG.

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CMBE Rising Star winners
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The stated goals of the CMBE-SIG are:

  • To promote interdisciplinary research
  • To advance communication, cooperation, and education with respect to fundamental mechanisms
  • To explore the influence of electrical, magnetic, mechanical, and other physical forces on the biological functions of cells, tissues and organisms.


The CMBE-SIG was formed in 1980 (independently and under a different name) in response to increasing interest in the bioelectrical interactions in growth, repair and adaptation. It became a BMES Special Interest Group in 2011.

The original organization, then called the Bioelectrical Repair and Growth Society (BRAGS) enjoyed success due to the multidisciplinary and international composition of its membership. The original scientific focus was on electromagnetic processes.

Gradually it became apparent that the effects of mechanical forces were also significant, and in many cases, closely related to those of magnetic fields. As thermal, acoustic and other phenomena were described during scientific conferences, it became clear that a wide range of physical processes were related in their effects and must be considered before a complete understanding of physical regulation could be obtained.

During this same period, the clinical areas represented by the organization's membership also broadened. Originally bone and orthopedics provided the main clinical focus. Gradually, as soft tissue and wound studies were reported, the similarity between issues of injury and clinical treatment became apparent. Finally, it became clear that clinical practice in a wide variety of areas could be improved through a better understanding of physical control processes.

CMBE SIG Past Chairs:

X. Edward Guo, Yi-Xian Qin, Cheng Dong, Robert Mauck, Elizabeth Loboa, Roland Kaunas, Yingxiao (Peter) Wang, Nadeen Chahine, Deborah Leckband

CMBE SIG Council


SIG Chair: Leo Q. Wan
SIG Chair-Elect: Guohao Dai
Past SIG Chair: Deborah Leckband
Secretary: Shelly Peyton
Treasurer: Yi-Xian Qin

Council Members

2019-2021: Stephanie Fraley, Jianping Fu, Jenny Jiang
2020-2022: Ben Cosgrove, Even Scott, Kelly Stevens


Awards Committee: Nadeen Chahine (chair), Yingxiao (Peter) Wang, Deborah Leckband
Communications Committee: Song Li (chair), Evan Scott
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee: Stephanie Fraley (chair), Kelly Stevens
Membership Committee: Jenny Jiang (chair), Ben Cosgrove

CMBE Conference chairs

2022: Brenton Hoffman, Penney Gilbert, Wendy Liu
2023: Jianping Fu, Dennis Discher, Stephanie Frale

BMES CMBE Shu Chien Achievement Award

The Shu Chien Achievement Award is bestowed upon an individual who has demonstrated meritorious contributions to the field of cellular and molecular bioengineering as a dedicated BMES Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering (CMBE) Special Interest Group (SIG) award. This Award will be evaluated annually and presented to an individual at the CMBE Annual Conference.

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