Vanderbilt BME students repair medical devices at four Guatemala hospitals during spring break

Vanderbilt biomedical engineering undergraduates spent their 2018 break week in Guatemala, working alongside 30 engineering students and their professors from a Guatemala university repairing medical equipment at four hospitals, according to a university article.
It was the sixth trip with BME students since Associate Dean Cynthia Paschal began offering the service learning course in 2008, according to the article. Paschal is a BMES member.

The Vanderbilt students brought expertise in biomedical engineering and devices; the students from the School of Engineering at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG) have a solid foundation in electronics and mechatronics.

In teams, they worked at four hospitals.

Prior to the trip, students were assigned to find manuals for equipment they knew they'd work on, assemble parts, and, for two students, devise a rigorous inventory system, according to the article.

“OSHP was nothing short of a dream for biomedical engineers. We entered a room filled with hundreds of medical devices needing our attention,” Paschal wrote in a blog update about the trip.

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