Archives of BMES professional development webinars are now available

The BMES Professional Development webinar series is a valuable benefit the Society offers members. Recent topics include: Launching a start-up, the role of computational modeling and entrepreneurship. 
The webinars will help you be successful regardless of your membership level. Take a moment to review the featured information below and visit the BMES Education E-Learning website today to view the full webinar schedule and list of archived webinars available to members.
Launching a Start-Up from a University
Archive Now Available
This webinar covers the basics on creating a business out of a research lab, course, or design competition.  Topics covered include but are not limited to IP tech transfer, writing a business plan, building teams and advisory boards, SBIR/STTR and venture funding, quality systems and management, reimbursement, production scaling, and building a distribution chain and sales force.  Sarah Mayes, VP of R&D at Alafair Biosciences, which spun out of a research lab at UT-Austin, and Jonathan Gunn, CEO of Briteseed, which spun out of a course at Northwestern, discuss real-life examples of the challenges they have encountered and best practices they have implemented when building a business from the ground floor. Access Archive today!
A Role for Computational Modeling in Medical Practice
Archive Available
The webinar will identify best practices for research between engineers and clinicians, and provide scenarios where modeling and simulation relates to clinical practice. The speakers will discuss what it takes to develop relationships in the clinical arena. The speakers will also cover standards and best practices for the classroom. The webinar will address how modeling and simulation can be better taught in the curriculum, especially tying to clinical outcomes. Access the Archive today!
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Biomedical Engineering
Archive Available
This webinar features presentations from two BMES members, Mansoor Nasir, PhD and Donald Gaver, PhD, on programs including entrepreneurship and design. The first presentation highlights how entrepreneurial minded learning can be embedded into the biomedical curriculum with class examples of modules. The second covers an Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Bioinnovation, a program that cultivates trainee's abilities to develop clinically relevant biomedical technologies and devices leading to marketable products. Undergraduate and graduate students will benefit as well as faculty and educators. Access the Archive today!
BMES will be launching several other new professional development webinars this year, including:
  • Current Topics in BME ABET Accreditation - August 31, 2017 at 3pm Eastern
  • How to Engage Industry More Effectively with Local Chapters - September 2017
  • Best Practices and How to Sustain a BMES Student Chapter (featuring 2017 Chapter Awardees) - October 2017
  • Connecting Leaders in BME with Underrepresented Groups - November 2017
  • ABioM SIG Webinar: Tissue Biofabrication - December 11, 2017 at 1pm Eastern
All webinars are free to BMES members, so take a moment to visit the BMES Education E-Learning website to learn more about all the professional development webinars offered by BMES. If you are not a BMES member, join now to take advantage of this educational member benefit!