Athanasiou's term as ABME Journal Editor in Chief to end January 2018

BMES has been fortunate to engage Kyriacos Athanasiou as the Editor-in-Chief of the Annals of Biomedical Engineering since 2010.  Kyriacos' tenure as Editor-in-Chief will end in January 2018, after the maximum two terms.
In the period since 2010, the journal has grown under Kyriacos' stewardship with increased page numbers, increased numbers and breadth of special issues, and increased publicity.  Further, the Annals implemented significant improvements in key metrics of publication success, including decreased periods for publication decisions, time to publications and a clear adherence to policies and procedures of ethical conduct in scientific publishing. During this time, the impact factor has increased by about 25% while the number of submitted manuscripts has doubled. The acceptance rate stands at less than 25%, while the time to decision has decreased to 16 days.
BMES is honored by the establishment of the Kyriacos and Kiley Athanasiou Endowment fund, created by the family in 2015, with a goal to support awards associated with publications and meritorious contributions to the BMES.  In recognition of Kyriacos' tremendous contributions to the Annals of Biomedical Engineering, the first awards from the Athanasiou endowment will be given in 2018 to best papers from trainees published in the Annals.