BMES looks to the future at its 2019 Annual Meeting

More than 5,400 people gathered in Philadelphia this month, for the largest BMES Annual Meeting ever held. BMES President Dr. Dawn Elliott kicked off the meeting with her state of the society address, where she said BMES is strong and healthy, and is well positioned to evolve with its members.
“Last year at our meeting … we looked back in time as we celebrated the Society's 50th anniversary,” Elliott said in her address. “Today we find ourselves here in Philadelphia, a city with a long history, but also one of new beginnings. Indeed, Biomedical engineering is as established as all of our other sister engineering fields.  We can proudly take our seat at the table as an engineering profession that not only has a long, rich history, but a very bright future.”

BMES now has more than 8,000 members, an all time high for the Society.

“With the rapid acceleration of technology and innovation in our field, your Society finds itself at an inflection point--- and a new beginning,” Elliott continued. “Discussions with the Board of Directors recently revealed a high degree of optimism that BMES can accelerate its growth, relevance and impact. However, to achieve this aspirational thinking we need all of you.”

Elliott asked members to get involved in developing the Society's roadmap. She specifically asked members to provide thoughts on what innovative new SIGs would be of interest and would help to expand the technical reach of the Society. She also asked for suggestions on how BMES might better bridge the relationship between the academic community and industry.

“BMES is your professional society, and the Board of Directors and the staff are enthusiastic to embark on this journey to reimagine BMES. We look forward to and thank you in advance for your input.”