BMES 2020 Diversity Award Recipient Announced

The Biomedical Engineering Society recognizes individuals annually for their accomplishments, significant contributions and service to the Society and the field of biomedical engineering. The Diversity Lecture Award honors an individual, project, organization, or institution for outstanding contributions to improving gender and racial diversity in biomedical engineering.
The Society is proud to announce its 2020 Diversity Award recipient, Dr. Aaron Kyle. Dr. Kyle will be recognized and deliver a plenary lecture during the 2020 BMES Annual Meeting at the Diversity Award Lecture next year in San Diego.
Dr. Kyle is a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering Design at Columbia University. As the recipient of the 2020 BMES Diversity Award, Dr. Kyle is recognized for his innovative efforts and demonstrating a large impact among underrepresented minorities (URM) students. He has contributed to diversifying biomedical engineering (BME) to include individuals from URM and socioeconomically challenged backgrounds as the founder and Director of the an NIH-funded suite of interconnected program called HypotheKids (Hk) Maker Lab that focus on introducing secondary school students, particularly those from STEM- URM groups and economically-disadvantaged schools, to BME design. The Hk Maker Lab is meant to be a formative educational experience, encouraging students to continue pursuing opportunities in STEM fields culminating in undergraduate degrees and careers.
The program is in its sixth year with plans for expansion and to broaden outreach through online tools. Dr. Kyle has a broader vision for the Hk Maker Lab related to scalability and is discovering best practices that can be shared with educators so that programmatic activities can be reproduced at other institutions. He is excited about sharing his findings and hopes that others will be similarly passionate about teaching BME design to high school students, particularly those underrepresented in STEM.