Bucknell program aims to transform senior design projects into real medical devices

Bucknell University's Medical Device Development Program takes some senior design products off the shelf, in an effort to turn undergraduate work into real-world medical devices, according to a university article.
Biomedical Engineering Society members Dan Cavanagh and Eric Kennedy launched the program as way to offer students an intensive experience in practical problem-solving, according to the article.

The program pairs new teams of students with Geisinger Health System personnel who consulted on previous senior design projects in an effort to move those projects forward, not only through further design improvements, but through market analysis, intellectual-property research and other business-end considerations, the article states.

Geisinger Health System is a regional health-care provider and research institution.

“With support from their professors and Geisinger staff, the students spent the summer working to advance their designs, and committed to a half-credit independent study in the fall semester where they further refined their prototypes,” the article states. “Five students have continued working on the project into the spring.”

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