Researchers find new ways to heal damage after a heart attack

Novel strategy and material turns body's inflammatory response into signal to heal.
Researchers at Northwestern University and University of California San Diego have designed a minimally invasive platform to deliver a nanomaterial that turns the body's inflammatory response into a signal to heal rather than a means of scarring following a heart attack, according to a UCSD article.
The Northwestern-UC San Diego team has demonstrated a novel way to deliver a bioactivated, biodegradable, regenerative substance through a noninvasive catheter without clogging, according to the article.
The research, which was conducted in vivo in a rat model, was published recently in the journal Nature Communications. Northwestern's Nathan C. Gianneschi and Karen Christman at the Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego are the co-principal investigators. Christman is a BMES member
"This research centered on building a dynamic platform, and the beauty is that this delivery system now can be modified to use different chemistries or therapeutics," Gianneschi said in the article.

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